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A wheelie bin can easily assist a burglary

You may not have thought of it before, but where you store your wheelie bin could save your home from a burglary.

Recently a Wolverhampton home was the target of a robbery, when two thieves used a wheelie bin to climb up and gain access through an upstairs bathroom window. Cash, bank cards and phones were stolen from the property.  PSCO Shaun Evans of West Midlands re-iterated the need to be aware in a recent article to

"As has been demonstrated on this particular occasion, wheelie bins left outside residential properties can prove to be an effective climbing aid for any opportunist criminals who may be at large across the local area."

Reducing the risk of a burglary

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we are also urging residents to consider where they store their wheelie bins.  As summer is upon us and the weather gets warmer, open windows become easy targets for a burglary. There isn’t anything more accessible for a thief, than positioning a moveable object such as a wheelie bin into a location, directly below a window.  Wheelie bins are sturdy enough to stand on and are of a sufficient height to elevate a person up to a window.  Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to think about where you store your wheelie bins, preferably as far away as possible from the property and even locked in a secure bin storage facility if at all possible.

Also, think about your windows and what to leave open during the warmer weather, especially if no one is at the property.  Our advice to reduce the risk of a burglary, is to shut all windows so that you can leave your home completely secure.  After all it is still better to have a hot house than none of your personal valuables.

For more information on home security and how to stay safe this summer, please see our house security page or speak to our security team. Installing a simple house security alarm or CCTV security could save your home from a burglary, whilst giving you and your family peace of mind that you are all protected through property security.

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