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Autumn Home Security with SGS Systems Ltd

autumn home securityAs the autumn darker nights begin to draw in and the UK winter Daylight Saving Time is imminent; at the end of the month – Sunday 28th October 2018 to be precise.  Here at SGS System’s we’re promoting how to keep your homes and property safe this season with autumn home security.

Autumn nights offer potential access to unwanted intruders who are looking to take advantage of our relaxed attitude to security. Darker evenings mean poorer visibility which gives predators an advantage, so in order to enable UK homes to stay protected we have come up with a list of six options to re-align how you might think about autumn home security.

6 Methods To Improve Your Autumn Home Security:

  1. Lock Doors and Windows –  Ensuring that doors and windows are locked whilst your in and away from the property will help to minimise easy access into the property for opportunists looking to take advantage of lapsed security.
  2.  Install Security Lighting – This is a huge deterrent to intruders. Simple security lights with motion sensors are the most effective and have the greatest impact.
  3. Cut back bushes and trees which reduce visibility –  As their leaves begin to shed, it’s a great time of year to cut back the bushes and trees in your garden’s and surrounding areas to your property. Bushes and trees provide areas where prospective intruders can get close to a property but still hide behind, by cutting them back can eliminate this option.
  4. Put your house lights on a timer – If you arrive home from work after dark which through the winter months can be anything after 5pm, then it’s worth setting up a couple of your internal house lights on a timer. To an intruder this will dissuade them into thinking that you are actually in the house. It’s also rather more pleasant to come home to a lit house than a house in darkness.
  5. Consider a companion! Did you know, that if a home has a dog then burglaries are less likely to take place? In a report of the US Department of Justice it concluded that: “On average, burglarized homes are less likely to have dogs than non-burglarized homes, suggesting that dogs should be a substantial deterrent.”  Having a dog in the home is not only a great companion for homeowners and gives you a reason to get out for walks through the autumn /winter months but offers a safer home guard option to deter burglars away.
  6. Book an autumn home security review – Installing a complete security package with SGS Systems Ltd offers complete protection for your property. Having a burglar alarm bell box fitted on the exterior of the property offers a visible deterrent to any predatory burglars whilst internally an installed and regularly maintained wired or wireless alarm will protect your possessions inside the property.  Adding CCTV monitoring equipment to your autumn home security package will additionally allow you to check any unusual behaviour around the property and could provide evidential proof to the police.  For more information please contact our team at SGS Systems Ltd to book a autumn home security consultation review or see our property security options website page for further details.

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