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It’s Autumn! Time to tidy and secure property

Secure Property - Tidying your gardenWith the autumn season now gently settling in, September & October offer some lovely sunny days to tidy up around our homes and secure property.

Busy summer holidays and time spent away from your property over recent months could now mean that the gardens, and grounds around your property maybe in need of a little TLC. Autumn is great time to fix things and secure property, in preparation for the winter months ahead.

To give you some idea of which aspects in and around your home to check this season, our team at SGS Systems have provided some top tips in how to secure property.


Top Tips to secure property whilst at home

Clearing Garden Areas – If gardens and grounds have become a little out of control with overgrown trees, hedgerows, and small bushes, it’s time to clear. Trim back so that visibility across paths and over doorways stays unobstructed. This will minimise any hiding options where unwanted intruders could conceal themselves.

Tidy away summer toys – Hot tubs, bikes, and other outdoor prize possessions, could lure intruders to see what else you own. Tidy them away into secure sheds which are out of view and locked with outdoor shed security. This will deter intruders into wanting to look further.

Find a place for outdoor garden equipment – Outdoor garden equipment, such as ladders and bins provide quick accessible climbing apparatus to intruders, who want to find a point of access into your home, higher up. Move bins away from the property so that they can’t immediately stand on them and lock away ladders.

Check window frames and locks – Throughout the months and with our drastic combinations of UK weather, window frames and their locks can perish. Check the windows to makes sure that they are in good working condition and replace where necessary.

Secure property with home security SGS Systems offer a broad range of home security options including house burglar alarm protection and CCTV monitoring equipment for both interior and exterior areas of the home. Please contact us to find out how we can offer complete home security and peace of mind, that your home is secure.


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