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Back to school and work! House burglary is on the rise

house burglaryWith more properties been vacant during the day, house burglary is on the rise. It is September and that means that many young people will be returning to school and college.  At the same, their parents and carers are now looking to return to work following the 2020 five month lockdown period whereby many found themselves spending more hours working from home rather than from their usual office location.

Remote home working has provided a positive deterrent to intruders and helped to reduce the overall number of house break-ins across the country. Incidentally, the number of break-ins fell by almost a half within some areas of the West Midlands according to a recent article by the – .

However, as restrictions have begun to ease over recent months, the house burglary level is now beginning to see a rise again.  Homes which were predominantly occupied for many hours of the day are now becoming empty again, this situation is increasing house burglary opportunities to unwelcomed intruders.

Tips to deter a house burglary

If you plan to leave your property un-inhabited during the day, SGS Systems recommend the following to keep your homes secure:

  1. Ensure all windows and doors are locked before you leave the property.
  2. Move bins away from under windows and lock away ladders. These items can be used as climbing devices to gain easy entry to higher level windows.
  3. Don’t leave expensive digital gadgets and games consoles visibly on show through windows
  4. Outside, remove tall bushes and shrubs which are close to the property which could obscure your view and where unwanted intruders could hide behind.
  5. Install security lighting to illuminate the property at night, especially in secluded areas.
  6. Consider installing a SGS Systems house security alarm device within your property. We offer a range of house alarms to suit all sized homes in both wired and wireless options.

To find out more about how we can protect your property with a house security alarm or by using any other of our house burglary deterrent products such as CCTV home security and security lighting, please contact us to today to discuss your requirements in respect of a confidential home review.

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