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British Wintertime is nearly here, time to secure your home!

british wintertime house at nightOn Sunday 25th October 2020, the clocks will go back by 1 hour to mark the beginning of British wintertime; this means that 6am will become 5am.  On the bright side, we’ll enjoy an extra hour in bed to begin with and for the first few weeks we can enjoy the day light when waking up first thing in the morning. However, at the other end of the day BST 7pm will become 6pm which means that it will be dark when we are returning home from a day at work.

Whether you are a homeowner or renting, keeping homes and yourselves safe through the shorter day light hours of British wintertime is extremely important to everyone, with securing property being a top priority.

Here at SGS Systems we provide security solutions to help customers to consistently protect their property throughout the year. Here are some solutions which may help you to find the best form of protection for your home.

Newly installed Burglar Alarms – fitted to SSAIB accreditation, our house burglar alarms are produced and installed to a high UK standard. Our home security systems are regularly tested and are available in both wired and wireless options which can be scaled to the size of the property, no matter how big or small.

Upgrading an existing Home Security Alarm – If the property has a previously installed burglar security alarm which is provide by a different supplier, then not a problem! SGS Systems test and maintain security alarms of many individual manufactured brands which are provided by other suppliers.  On your behalf, we can check their condition of the burglar alarm and the suitability to your property.

Security Lighting – Throughout British wintertime, security lighting plays a key role in visibly illuminating the exterior areas of homes, gardens and outdoor spaces. Censor lights can illuminate areas, especially doorways and drives where light is needed. Security lighting systems also act as a deterrent to intruders.

Home CCTV Monitoring – Internal and external surveillance for your home, both day and night always gives piece of mind to owners. Capturing suspicious movements on camera can also be used as evidence should a theft situation ever arise.

Security through your phone – SMART security has never been so important and with 24 hour access via smartphone, our range of SGS Systems security services can be accessed whilst you are at home or otherwise away from the property, at the touch of an app.

To find out more about protection your home through British wintertime and beyond, please speak to our property security team or see our website for further details.

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