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Business Security – Bank holiday commercial premises review

business securityIs your business security in place? During the UK bank holiday season, it is often customary for many businesses to close for longer periods than usual, so that staff can enjoy their statutory holiday breaks.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes leave businesses in a vulnerable position in terms of their commercial security. With limited or no staff working at the premises, commercial properties can go un-supervised for several days over the long weekends which often influences temptation for intruders looking to break and enter into commercial premises to steal stock and goods which have been assembled ready for distribution.

Ensuring that business security is implemented around the business premises is paramount to protecting companies and deterring unwanted Intruders through the quiet times.

The Metropolitan Police website offers some useful information to business owners who are looking to protect their commercial premises –

Some recommendations for keeping a commercial property secure are:

  1. Keep exterior building areas free of rubbish and graffiti
  2. Move bins away from the building which could be used to gain higher access to the property
  3. Install sufficient lighting around the premises
  4. Keep stock rooms locked and stock out of sight
  5. Install shutters or blank out windows with film so that visibility through windows is obscured
  6. Setup a proficient commercial security system around the premises to protect the property


So, what type of business security could help to protect your property?

By installing CCTV monitoring equipment around your commercial premises, both internally and externally can be an immediate deterrent to respective intruders. CCTV will capture visual data of trespassers which can be observed by business owners and then submitted to the local police authority to be used as evidence, should a burglary incident or attempted burglary take place.

Stepping up your commercial security with a burglar alarm will also protect your commercial premises. A certified alarm which is regularly maintained will ensure that your security system continually operates in good working order. Installed in both wired or wireless alarm formations we provide access-controlled areas for designated key holders, which means that as a business owner you have peace of mind that your property is fully protected.

In addition to our business security installed services, we support companies and organisations with a Police response service should this level of support be required.

Finally, our most proficient Fog security system is installed and designed not to damage stock. Protecting doorways, corridors and areas which can be easily accessed, will limit any intruder who gains access, the capacity to move around the designated space, by executing thick dense fog which will fill the interior space within seconds.

Do you own a business premises? We protect offices, factory units, distribution warehouses, retail premises and concession with business security. From single alarm units up to bespoke security networks, our property security systems are scale-able depending on the size and nature of your property. For a confidential security review of your business, please contact our security team for further information.