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Business Security – Securing your business against thieves

In a recent Business Crime Prevention notification by Staffordshire Police, the establishment highlighted the importance of business security and ‘how to keep your business secure from thieves’. Further to which, our team at SGS Systems thought it would be useful to share with business owners across the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Businesses are valuable and so as a company owner it is vital that you protect your premises as a complete entity. Business security, covers all aspects from the building itself, to employee safety and protecting stock, equipment and machinery.

Reducing access to thieves and demonstrating to them that you have property security in place is the first step to reducing a potential break-in.

Staffordshire police recommend the following business security options:

  1. Installing an operational commercial security alarm. Business security alarms not only alert attention should a break-in attempt occur but also their visible bell box sticker informs thieves that there is an alarm operating on-site.
  2. Installing CCTV inside and outside the premises. CCTV security provides business owners with all year property monitoring 24/7 across their premises whilst they are on-site or away from the property.
  3. Move high value goods away from view when you are closed and fit a floor bolted safe. Avoiding temptation is the best option for your livelihood. Locking away goods into designated areas by using Access Control security or by other means of protection will safeguard stock.

To find out how SGS Systems can support your company with any of the above in terms of business commercial security, please get in touch. We support many customers and markets across the UK from manufacturing companies to retailers and warehousing, hotel and leisure facilities. Our dedicated team will provide the right security solution to individually suit your business requirements.

You can read the full article by Staffordshire Police at: