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Buying A Home? Have you checked out your new home security?

new home security moving houseBuying a new home can be so exciting but also a stressful time.  Finally receiving the keys and entering the property offers promise of a new chapter in your life.  So, what should you look out for in terms of your new home security?

Change the Locks on the Doors – You have no idea who has a key to your house in terms of the people who lived at the property before you and who may have been given a secondary back-up key.  Updating the external door locks and obtaining new keys ensures that the property is secure and that you are starting out knowing that you and your family are the only occupants, with access.

Check the window locks – Sometimes window keys can get misplaced or locks and keys might not work anymore. Check all window locks operate in good working order and update as and where required.

Is a security alarm installed? Get it checked – If a security alarm is already installed at the property, then it will be worth applying for a service review.  Often there is a sticker on the bell box which displays the alarm company provider’s contact details.  Making contact with the supplier and discussing your options as to when a service is required or booking an inspection will ensure that the alarm is up to date and being continually maintained. Resetting the alarm and requesting a new set of access codes will also ensure that only you and your family as the new occupants will have access to the property.

Is a security alarm not installed? Consider getting one fitted– Contacting a company like SGS Systems Ltd will enable you to gain a greater understanding as to what is involved in having a new home security alarm fitted.  Our company provides a fully confidential review of the premises and will outline all costs prior to security alarm installation.  Our annual alarm checks will ensure that the alarm is fully functional throughout the year, whilst our 24/7 support team are on hand should an issue arise.

Tidy away the rubbish – Post move, you can often end up with un-wanted paperwork, boxes, packaging and items that you just don’t need anymore.  Clearing unwanted items in a secure and safe manner, will not only tidy the paths and driveways to improve visibility but will also demonstrate that you care about the property.

Clear the shrubs – Shrubs that obscure the path or doorway are easy places for intruders to hide behind without being noticed by others in the street.  Clearing these and opening, up the space will minimise opportunities for intruders.

Get to know the neighbours – Introducing yourself to your immediate and surrounding neighbours not only allows them to know who you are but also gives you the opportunity to recognise faces who live in the street.  Looking out for one another and discussing and reporting any strange behaviour could help to prevent a burglary.

Join your local neighbourhood watch group – By joining your local neighbourhood watch group, not only could save you money on your house insurance but also keeps you in-touch with any concerning activity in the area.  Looking at making improvements to the street and tightening up on security will deter intruders who know that you are keeping an eye.

Our new home security services

We provide new home security options for all property sizes, from residential houses to larger homes and including barn security, high-net worth property security and mansions security.  We also provide security where external surveillance is required for garage security, outbuilding security, stable and farm security.

For more information on any of the new home security items covered in this article, please contact our specialist new home security team today to find out how we can help to support you and your family in your new home or at your current property.