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Calling all start-ups, our commercial security consultants have your security covered?

commercial security consultantsAre you a start-up business in retail, manufacturing or warehousing who is looking for security support? Our commercial security consultants can help!

Moving into a shop premises, a large warehouse or commercial unit, to begin your start-up business is an extremely exciting moment, however thinking about how you will protect your staff, your stock and equipment can be a daunting task!

Here at SGS Systems Ltd, our commercial security consultants recommend that you tackle your security head on and from the very beginning of setting up your business and moving into your commercial property. Talking to one of our specialist commercial security consultants, you will be able to determine very early on, in your business development, how you will use the space within your premises, including which areas will be open the public and where you will need the highest levels of security.

Our commercial security consultants will discuss with you, your commercial security options in terms of:

  • Risk assessment
  • How you will lock up the premises
  • Who will be designated key holders
  • How you envisage monitoring the premises when you are onsite or away from the property
  • The types of security equipment which would suit your business
  • Ultimately if the property requires police response protection

By outlining all the security variables early on, in the set-up stage of the business, will allow you the company owner to iron out any loop holes and raise security issues that perhaps you would not have thought about before-hand.

Protecting your commercial business 24/7 is essential to productivity.  Here at SGS Systems Ltd our commercial security consultants will recommend you the very best security options to support your start-up business, whether it’s a commercial security alarm system, CCTV monitoring equipment, fog security or a combination of all, we will find the right solution to suit your business needs.

Finally, our security will grow as your business evolves and expands to accommodate new spaces and further requirements. Too find out more about how we can support your start-up business, please contact our dedicated property security consultants.

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