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CCTV Security Camera – What to look for when making a purchase

SGS-Systems-CCTV-security-cameraBack in November 2016 security researcher Rob Graham, bought a cheap (wireless)  CCTV security camera from Amazon for just £45. Whilst some might have thought this was value for money and an economical method to successfully protect their home; what Rob discovered was from that!

The issue here was not just the CCTV security camera itself but also the other internet connected gadgets which Rob had running in his home. Most of us, these days have Wi-Fi in our property’s and at least one TV, possibly a Webcam, plus many other internet connected devices.

Earlier in November 2016 internet giants Facebook & Twitter, endured a substantial but temporary DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, when the well-known Mirari botnet was launched with an attempt to scan and bring down services. The Mirari botnet works by scanning source code on internet connected devices and then entering through default passwords and factory settings to compromise networks and services.

On launching the in-expensive CCTV security camera, Rob found that in just 98 seconds the same Mirari botnet which had recently bought down Facebook & Twitter, had intercepted through his Webcam and into the manufacture default settings of the cheap CCTV security camera.

The problem was that the cheap camera had no protection against the Mirari botnet or other malware that could infiltrate. Cheap devices which are often manufactured in China, are built with hardwired default passwords further back in the source code and these settings are almost impossible for the owner to change.

CCTV Security Camera – Look for a higher level of security

The only way of avoiding this situation is to buy Western products which are built with a much higher level of security and are tested effectively according to cyber security guidelines. Here at SGS Systems we are SSAIB accredited which means that we only use industry regulated security products to protect homes and businesses in terms of CCTV Security, House Burglar Alarms and other types of security protection. If you are looking at purchasing a CCTV security camera for your property but would like to know more information as to how they operate, then please contact our confidential property security team to find out more.

Operating in the West Midlands and throughout the UK, SGS Systems provide Wolverhampton CCTV and West Midlands Burglar Alarm security services to home owners and commercial businesses.

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