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Christmas retail security – Preparing for the season ahead

Christmas Retail SecurityChristmas is just around the corner! Especially for UK commercial businesses operating in retail. As a business owner, you will be beginning to put a plan in place for the Christmas season ahead. Likewise, retail Christmas security should be high on your list of priorities to organise.

As a retailer who is carrying stock either from a shop or a warehouse, Christmas retail security is paramount to protecting your business and ensuring that you sustain a successful quarter ahead.

Christmas Retail Security devices installed by SGS Systems

Here at SGS Systems we look after both independent high street retailers and larger UK retail chains with multi-site properties in terms of retail Christmas security. Whether you are carrying a small or large amount of stock, all items need protecting and we are here to offer valuable security support.

Commercial burglar Alarms – All our wireless and hardwired burglar alarms are scalable to any square foot size of property and can include access control to zone off specific areas of a building, especially where stock is stored and needs to be kept safe. Commercial burglar alarms are monitored through smartphone apps so that as an owner you have complete control of your premises security throughout all times of the day.

Commercial CCTV for property owners – Our comprehensive CCTV monitoring equipment offers 24 / 7 surveillance in and around the building. Camera’s will monitor designated areas and can also detect any night-time movement through captured through video. Whilst archived and historical video data evidence can be stored up to a specified timeframe.

Smoke security The most sophisticated of all commercial security, if triggered our smoke security will fill a designated area within seconds with thick dense smoke. The eventuality of this occurring will deter the intruder and completely reduce visibility to the door or window, to allow time for a police response.

If you operate a commercial property in retail, warehousing or manufacturing and would like to find out more about how our Christmas retail security equipment can protect your stock this Christmas season, please contact SGS Systems or see our commercial security website page for more details.