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Christmas Security Covered? Who ya gonna call?

Christmas Security
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If you’re planning on being away from your home this Christmas season, then thinking about protecting your property with Christmas security should be a top priority.

The Christmas period has the highest burglary rate of the year, according to a 2017 article by – Christmas burglaries most likely to happen December 17 and 18.Many people spend evenings out at parties, visit friends or go on holiday, leaving properties for longer periods of time than usual.This means that burglars are presented with an abundance of vacant properties to steal from and can often continue raiding homes well into the night.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we can ensure that your Christmas security is in top shape this year.

This Christmas period, if you are not already an existing customer we can offer a Christmas security review, we will carry out a security review of your property to make certain that it is safe.

If you have recently moved to a property, if the existing alarm was originally certified by a different company from SGS Systems Ltd or if you have never had the existing alarm serviced, it is not a problem, we can help!

All of our property reviews are carried out confidentially, whilst our certified and professionally trained security engineers will treat your property with the upmost care and respect when working at your premises.To find out more about our Christmas security review or any of the other property security options, we offer such as wired and wireless alarm security or CCTV monitoring equipment, then please contact our team to discuss your requirements further.

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