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Combatting against tool theft within rural areas

Recently, there has been a spate rise in tool theft from outbuildings within rural across the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Farm outbuildings which are not always left occupied and neither locked securely, provide easy targets to thieves who are looking to quickly sell items onwards.  Subsequently, expensive tools can hold their value which means that stolen tools sold through the black market or on social media selling websites can earn a good price for thieves.

It is not only tool theft but also the theft of farm machinery is also on the rise as overseas demand for expensive farm equipment rises. Operated by organised gangs, farm machinery is stolen and then shipped abroad. Farmers are being encouraged to share information and report thefts to the police so that they can track unscrupulous activity within the region.

Further to this, Staffordshire Police recommend the following suggestions to reduce tool theft and improve security on farmland:

Reducing tool theft

  1. Lock equipment away in a securely locked building
  2. Use a secure tool storage box
  3. Mark your tools and register them
  4. Keep expensive items out of sight when not in use
  5. Lock vehicles and keep the keys within your possession
  6. Consider installing outside security lighting
  7. Install commercial security to protect outbuildings and external areas

As a certified security partner to the NFU, SGS Systems supply CCTV security at a discounted rate to NFU members. Furthermore, we supply farm security, outbuilding alarm security and equestrian property security to farm owners and land managers who are looking to secure their property and protect against tool theft. To find out how we can help to protect your farm machinery, equipment and livestock, please contact our commercial security team or see our website for further details.

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