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Commercial Retail Security

commercial-retail-securityCrime against commercial retail security is on the rise

In the latest crime 2017 report by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Crime against convenience retailers cost an estimated £232m in 2016 – an average of over £4,600 a store and of that value, shop theft amounted to £130m-plus – equivalent to £2,600 a store

With alcohol, meat and confectionary being the most common items stolen, last year shop fraud cost convenience stores more than £8m; whilst violence against shop retailers and employees reached a staggering £61m. There has been a rise in the number of crimes reported, however this is thought to be due to several reasons including the fact that retailers are now investing more heavily in commercial retail security by implementing efficient CCTV equipment at their premises, so that they are more aware of circumstances occurring in their stores and so that possible thieves can be monitored more closely.

Unfortunately, in many cases retail theft often goes un-reported. James Lowman, chief executive at ACS executive encourages store owners to come forward and report any occurrences to their local police force and highlights that these instances are “not victimless crimes”.

“We encourage retailers to build relationships with local police forces and show them the damage, both financial and human, that theft and other crimes do to them and their staff.”

Under a new commercial retail security initiative, the UK government are now considering new ways to tackle retail crime by looking at what drives criminals to carry out these offences. Steered by Sara Newton, minister for vulnerability, safeguarding and countering extremism, it is hoped that through their investigations they will be able to “bring new research, techniques and technology together to prevent offending and bring perpetrators to justice”.

We can help independent retailers and national retail chains with commercial retail security

Here at SGS Systems we work closely with commercial warehouse unit owners, independent retailers and national retail chains across the UK to protect their premises with commercial retail security, stock and staff with CCTV, comprehensive alarm systems and smoke security which can be connected to local police authority departments and offer first response services.

To find out more about how we could support your business with our sophisticated commercial retail security systems, please contact us for further information.


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