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Commercial Security System

Commercial Alarm Systems are essential to protect your business property from unwanted intruders. Covering sectors such as retail, industrial, manufacturing, warehouses, offices, healthcare & education, our commercial security systems can cover 1000’s of sq ft in security protection so that commercial sites can be safeguarded.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we offer a wide range of commercial security systems covering all aspects of building surveillance, protection and security alarms to prevent intruders from gaining entry or deterring them from entering too far. Subsequently our company offers an alarm monitoring system graded at a variety of levels right through to police response.

Why not combine a variety of commercial security options?

As a property or company owner it is vital that you install a commercial security system. You may also wish to combine a variety of security systems and commercial alarm systems in order to protect your premises a several different levels.

With 21 years of supplying, installing and maintaining security solutions our company has built a reputation to be one of the leading security alarms businesses within the industry.  Our company operates to serve high volume corporate businesses and with our fleet of qualified engineers operating all over the UK, we are able to support corporate businesses who own or lease several premises and sites. Please see our Customers & Markets page for further information.

As one of the leading security systems uk companies, we offer the following in commercial security systems:

Access Control – manage who goes where in your premises

CCTV – monitoring and safeguarding your premises 24/7

Fog Security Systems – stop intruders in their tracks with a fog system

Biometric – security controlled by your unique body make-up

Physical Security – heavy duty protection for windows and doors

SmartWater – use the power of forensics to deter criminals

Our commercial alarm systems can incorporate wired and / or wireless security systems depending on the level at wish you require to secure your business premises. Please contact us for a confidential property security review or read our Customers & Markets page for further information.