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DIY Home Security

diy home securityThinking of trying some DIY Home Security? Everyone wants to save some cash wherever possible but what price should you put on saving when it comes to securing your beloved home, prize possessions and the well-being of your family?

Yes, there are DIY home security house alarm systems out there that you can buy off the shelf for a one-off fee, but when it comes to installing and setting up is the mission all worth it?

For creating your own DIY home security, SGS Systems recommend the following:

  1. Research your DIY home security alarm as much as you can. Read reviews, read the installation instructions, speak to friends about their thoughts and recommendations.
  2. When purchasing, make sure your house alarm comes with a guarantee.
  3. Set aside a whole weekend for installation!
  4. Read the manual instructions thoroughly.
  5. If you have pets then consider where sensors will be placed and check if they can trigger them. A dog might trigger it where as a cat might not.
  6. If using a wireless monitor then check your DIY home security security settings. Getting into the techy side can be quite complicated but locking down with passwords is key to preventing hackers infiltrating your alarm system.
  7. Consider what will happen if the alarm triggers when you’re not there. The last thing you want is a call from your neighbour whilst you are on holiday.
  8. Consider what will happen if the alarm doesn’t trigger and you’re not there. Has it really served its purpose? especially with all the effort you’ve put in to try to protect your home.

If all the above just sounds too much or you would prefer a company who can support your home protection needs, then why not consider SGS Systems Ltd.  We provide home security solutions for homeowners across the UK. We take the headache out of setting up and maintaining alarm systems, giving our customers peace of mind that their property is safe and secure whilst they are away from the premises.

All of our home security systems are installed and regularly maintained by our qualified security engineers to ensure that they are in continued good working order. Plus, we offer 24 / 7 support to nominated key holders, should one of the alarms trigger whilst you’re enjoying your holiday. For more information about our house alarm services, please contact our dedicated home alarm security team today.