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How Environmental CCTV is benefiting the UK

Environmental CCTV - Tiger EnclosureRecently, we have been covering more and more articles on our social media with regards the benefits of environmental CCTV monitoring.

CCTV security equipment is often associated with commercial property security and how we aim to protect commercial business and properties against unwanted intruders.   This week, we are highlighting how environmental CCTV can help businesses, regions and individuals to improve to look after nature, improve their surroundings and look more closely at the ecological aspects of their environment.

Regularly checking on our environment is key to so many aspects of our ecological system and the future wellbeing of people, plants and animals across the UK and globally. Here are some methods in which environmental CCTV is being used to improve the wellbeing of the environment and nature here in the UK.

Zoos, Wildlife Parks & Animal Sanctuary’s – These organisations benefit from having CCTV installed into individual animal enclosures so that staff can regularly monitor the behaviour and wellbeing of animals.

By regularly checking the CCTV monitoring equipment, animal welfare officers can check closely for any changes to animal behaviour or monitor pregnant mothers and births. This allows staff to not only respond quickly if further support is required, but also allows the animals to enjoy their own space to recuperate without human interference.

The Outdoor Natural Wildlife – Nature programmes across the UK are using environmental CCTV monitoring equipment to survey animals and the landscape. To look for changes and to understand more about habitats so that they can save species and protect regions where they have concerns.

By monitoring nature in the wild, both the day and night, this live evidence is essential to environmental organisations, so that they can understand why and how the eco system is changing in order to evaluate where improvements could be made to support the survival of animals and plants. Everything living aspect from plant life and insects up to birds of prey and mammals and vast landscaped hills can benefit from environmental CCTV.

Environmental CCTV monitoring for ground works – The initial exploration of drainage, underwater pipes and underground caves chambers, often requires the support of CCTV monitoring equipment so that staff can evaluate if the areas are safe enough to explore further.

The CCTV equipment also helps with ground works to ensure that pipes and cables are laid correctly

Slaughterhouses – As of May 2018 it is now compulsory that slaughterhouses across England will now have to have CCTV surveillance monitoring equipment installed and regularly maintained. This has been introduced after 11 randomly chosen slaughterhouses across the UK were found to be guilty of animal cruelty during 2009 and 2016 according to animal welfare group ‘Animal Aid’.

The campaign has been backed by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee, British Veterinary Association, Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the RSPCA as well as UK supermarkets who now insist that suppliers have CCTV installed.

Fly-tipping – Fly-tipping is illegal in the UK but is so regularly often, an ongoing issue for councils across UK. Fly-tipping is not only unsightly to the people who live and drive past these sites but can also cause long terms damage to the environment especially where harmful chemicals have been left and not disposed of correctly. The people that carry out this unruly behaviour have no respect for the environment and need to be stopped. Some councils across the UK are now installing CCTV monitoring equipment in fly-tipping ‘hot spot’ areas to catch the criminals and prevent further harm to the landscape and wildlife.

Does your business or organisation use environmental CCTV monitoring equipment to closely survey environmental interests?

Here at SGS Systems we support organisations who require environmental CCTV for the purpose of their work and the welfare of animals, plant life and the landscape. Our professionally installed equipment is scale-able for small areas up to much larger sites and is used to monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information about how we could support your organisation by installing environmental CCTV, please contact our specialist environmental commercial security team or see our website.

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