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Gang crime against retailers and warehouse owners is rising

It is no secret that organized gang crime is on the rise across the UK. Whilst it is often referred to in conjunction with drugs and weapons, the UK has also seen a noticeable rise in predatory gangs who are raiding retail stores and warehouses across the country. 

Whilst final figures for 2018 are still yet to be published, during 2017 retail crime rose to £700 million according to the Retailers Against Crime partnership.  Mass theft of substantial quantities of product which can be sold without trace on the black market has become a growing trend.  Fraud and commodities such as clothing, electrical items, alcohol and cigarettes still continue to lead their targeted wish list.

And it is not just UK gangs. The UK is being targeted more than ever by organised international gangs who see us as a wealthy country and have recognized theft opportunities. This isn’t helped by our under-funded Police infrastructure which has been determined as not able to withstand and appropriately respond to the pressure of modern day global criminals.

So what can be done to help commercial businesses who need to protect against gang crime?

Finding support for retailers – Support organizations like the Retailers Against Crime partnership ( provide training and useful resources to help retailers to recognize organized and travelling offenders.

Lighting – A well lit property is less of an easy target to gangs who are looking to go undercover.  Sensor lighting which can be triggered in a disturbance could deter intruders from making any attempt to enter any further.

Protecting your premises with Fog Security – Premises security is crucial in securing zones and protecting stock. Fog / Smoke security offers the most capable method to combat against this.  Filling a room in seconds with thick, dense fog, will not only take thieves by surprise, it will completely dis-orientate them and minimize any theft of goods.

CCTV Monitoring equipment – Clearly displaying that CCTV monitoring equipment is in use can be a deterrent to opportunists.  However should an issue arise, then real-time imagery of the incident will be captured and could be used as future evidence.

Alarming your premises – Installing a fully operational accredited commercial alarm and having it continually serviced and maintained, gives owners peace of mind that their premises is safely protected whilst they are away from the site.

Do you own commercial property and operate as a retailer, a warehouse premises or a you the owner of a manufacturing / industrial business? Here at SGS Systems Ltd we assist companies with commercial security – large or small and stretching across the UK. Tailored specifically to individual business needs we supply and install the right security solution to protect your company, your goods and your premises. To find out more please contact our commercial alarm security team or see our commercial security website for further details.

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