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Garage CCTV Security

garage cctv securityYour car is your pride and joy and taking care of it with Garage CCTV Security is the first step to keeping it safe.  Your vehicle is not only a status symbol, but also a machine that you rely on so much throughout your daily life. Losing a car can be disastrous and more than just manifest into an inconvenience, before taking into account the cost of replacing or getting by using alternative transport.

With the West Midlands ranked third in the country for the most desirable place to steal a car according to an April 2016 article written by the Express newspaper and stolen cars up by 9%, in 2015, despite previous years showing decline, according to a 2016 article written by the Guardian newspaper.  Luxury Cars such as Audi S3, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Discovery and BMW X5: 3.1 top the list in terms of most desirable cars stolen by thieves who want to make money.

So how should we protect our beloved vehicles and how could Garage CCTV Security help?

  1. Test the central locking – Lock the car and then double check that it’s locked before walking away from the vehicle.
  2. Don’t leave valuables on display – Hide any possessions, especially valuable ones such as sunglasses, smartphones, audio & IT equipment.  Also, important paperwork with names, addresses and banking information which could be utilised for identity theft.
  3. Don’t leave your vehicle running – It’s often tempting to let the car run whilst popping back for a forgotten item or warm up the car on a cold and frosty day. Unfortunately, this leaves the owner wide open to being car jacked, which often insurers won’t cover.
  4. Lock your gates and garage doors – If your property is gated then make sure that your gates are locked after you arrive and after you leave the property to ensure that intruders can’t gain access easily.
  5. Install Garage CCTV Security – Protecting your car port or garage with garage cctv security will not only deter intruders but also give you the owner evidence in any related car crime situations.
  6. Install a security alarm – For extra protection, a security alarm will ensure the property environment for where the vehicle is stored is thoroughly protected.

For more information on Garage CCTV Security and to see our selection of comprehensive security alarms, please contact our team to find out more about how SGS Systems Ltd can protect your luxury vehicle.

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