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Garage Security Systems

garage-security-systemAs part of your complete estate security system, protection of your high value vehicle using garage security and whilst parked in a garage space at your property is essential.

As the sole UK support centre, training and repair centre for the exclusive PROTECT Fog security product and other fog / smoke security brands, we offer a comprehensive garage security systems and outbuilding security that will not only protect your vehicle from theft but also the space in where it is parked.

Garage Security Systems – How they work

The installation of a fog / smoke security system is a thorough garage security alarm method in which to protect your property.  Within seconds of an intruder entering the space, the fog / smoke security system is immediately activated to fill the space with thick fog / smoke. The fog / smoke is so dense that even the intruder won’t see his hand in front of his face, thus preventing any further contact with your vehicle.

Our Wired & Wireless Garage Alarm Systems is installed as part of an extension to your existing house alarm for single and multiple garage space use, or to protect a standalone detached garage property.

Operating through inferred monitoring sensors and working with a variety of door styles from traditional wooden to electronic rollover shutters, our garage alarm systems are individually set and positioned according to the purpose of the property and the vehicle(s) you wish to protect.

In addition we can supply and install CCTV security around the exterior of the property to provide home owner with 24/7 CCTV monitoring of the area which will not only deter intruders but also capture evidencial footage should anyone trespass on your premises without permission.

If you own a high value vehicle and require a garage security system which guarantees protection, then please contact us for more information. Alternatively, please see our Fog / Smoke Security systems page for more information on home alarm systems and view a list of other known brands within Fog / Smoke Security provided by our company.