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Holiday home security may not be what you thought!

holiday home securityHoliday home security is paramount to the safety of both property owners and holiday makers.  

Over recent years private holiday rentals have become more popular as individual homeowners have turned to online websites and easy access apps to promote private rooms in their homes or rent out their entire house as a holiday let in order to gain an extra source of income.

Using these methods of holiday accommodation provides are an alternative option to larger commercial holiday companies and hotel rooms.  Private holiday lets can often be a little cheaper and for those on a tight budget, it gives an opportunity to still afford a holiday.

For property owners who are renting out their room or home there is an urgency to expect the holiday makers to treat the property with respect whilst they enjoy their stay. Installing holiday home security CCTV in communal areas of the property and external to the building, provides added protection whilst guests are staying and when the property is left empty on non-booked weeks.

Where holiday home security crosses the line!

The problem is that there have been a rising number of know cases of voyeurism, where CCTV cameras are installed in private areas of the accommodation such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Unknown to the holiday residence, these cameras are being monitored by their property owners who often have more sinister intents.
Keith Roberts, a technician for Advanced Sweeping, a company that detects bugs for individuals and businesses, offered this advice in a recent article by the Independent:

  • Check the rooms – Check the bedrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms for any tiny holes in the walls or ceiling where a camera lens could be visible.
  • Check internal decor – Mirrors, book ends, light bulbs and house plants can conceal operating camera’s. Checking these areas could also protect you whilst you stay at the property.
  • Turn off the WIFI – Often home installed camera kits run via the WIFI. By turning off the WIFI you will effect be cutting off any video monitoring.
  • Shine a torch – Turn off all the lights in a dark room and slowly move the torch around, a camera will reflect the light back at you if it is found to be there.
  • Invest in a detector – Professional lens hunters start from as little as £40. 
  • Contact the police – It is imperative that if you do find a camera that the police are contacted immediately.

For more information on holiday home security or to speak to our team about protecting your own property or holiday home with house security, then please get in touch. As certified installers of property security equipment, here at SGS Systems Ltd we provide safe methods of holiday home security in a number of options to suit your property and requirements.