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Home Security Awareness that could prevent a house burglary!

home security awarenessGreat News! It seems that us Brits are taking heed of home security awareness, which has been given a lot of media attention over the recent summer months.

The latest research has found that we are now becoming a bit more savvier when it comes to protecting our homes whilst going on holiday.

Unfortunately for some, there is still the temptation to post to facebook personal details of where they are going abroad and how long they’ll be away for, the minute they rock up at the airport. For other individuals, they recognise the severity in sharing this type of personal information and are doing everything that they can to make it look like they are still at home. After all there is nothing worse than going away feeling worried about the security of your home when all you really want to do is relax and have a good time.

In a recent study carried out by Yale to over 2000 home owners, it found that we are actually getting up to some clever tactics when it comes to our home security awareness! By just carrying out a few of the below you could prevent your home from looking likes it is vacant, especially if potential burglars are scouring the area.

Home security awareness tactics have included:

  1. Leaving dirty dishes in the bowl
  2. Put lights on a timer
  3. Post messages as though you’re at home or that your house is occupied
  4. Allow the neighbours to park on the drive
  5. Ask the neighbour to put the bins out for bin day
  6. Put personal paperwork out of sight
  7. Hide jewellery
  8. Play barking dog sounds on a timer
  9. Ask a family member or friend to pick up your post
  10. Ask a family member or friend to open and close different curtains
  11. Save your holiday photos to post on social media, when you get back home
  12. Get an SGS Systems House Alarm installed to protect your home

Are you going on holiday soon and looking to improve the protection of your house?
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