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Home Security should be high priority when moving house

dreamstime_xs_28503472In a recent poll by security firm Yale, 2000 UK adults were asked key questions about their home security protection. It was surprising to realise that from those interviewed, 70% of UK adults do not have a burglar alarm fitted in their home. One in ten people will go out of the property leaving windows and doors open and when moving to a new house, fitting a security alarm came in at no.43 out of 50 on the list of things to do.

Home security should be a consideration when moving house

When moving to a new house there’s often a lot to organise and home security may not be a high priority above all the other tasks that go with buying a new home, however it is essential that new homeowners should make a few security checks on their property as soon as they move in, so as to ensure that their premises is safe and so that they may have peace of mind that they are protected. Checking that catches and locks on windows are in good working order and changing locks on external doors to new devices will guarantee that you are the only key holder and keep you safe.

Nigel Fisher Yale MD says, “Home Office figures have highlighted that you are almost twice as likely to be burgled in the first 12 months of being in a new home, so security should be at the forefront of people’s minds when moving.”

The next step is to have home security protection installed. A house burglar alarm and / or CCTV security will enable you to protect your property fully and deter any unwanted intruders. Sussing out the location you’re moving too and talking to neighbours and local communities will also help you to establish your own opinion on the safety of the area.

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