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Home Security Systems

home-securityA home security system is essential to ensure that your property is ultimately protected. At SGS Systems, we offer a range of accredited home security solutions and branded models depending on your style of home, its size and location. Our security system for your home offers you the home owner, complete peace of mind that your property is secure, so that you feel safe and assured that your property is protected.

We competently implement home burglar alarm systems which are thoroughly tested prior to initiation. Each system is then supported by our qualified team through annual inspections and monitoring so that it may respond instantly should an intruder enter your property.


Wireless Home Security

Our wireless home security systems integrate efficiently to offer a quick and clean option, with minimum disruption to your property. This method does not require the need to access under floor boards or hide cables through walls. By pairing the wireless home security technology from transmitter to receiver through passive infa-red transmission, this simple intruder device allows the home security system to operate effortlessly through a variety of detectors.


Hybrid Security Solutions

Advocating our most popular of all our security systems for home, the Hybrid Home Security System  offers a combined security option to include both hard-wired cable and wireless home security whereby a central panel supports both systems and offers a bespoke security structure to your property.  This effective home burglar alarm system allows for zone setting within different areas, specific to times of day as per the homeowner’s requirements.


Hardwired Security Systems

This traditional method of hardwired home burglar alarm system offers the ultimate stability in home security solutions. Wire cables are encapsulated within the walls of the property and run directly from detector to intruder panel to ensure that a constant signal is transmitted.

Large Estate & Luxury Home Security Systems

For clients with luxury homes, mansions and large estates we offer more complex security systems which cover much larger areas of a property. Using our sophisticated and integrated fog / smoke alarm technology we can protect a property using our estate security system and offer garage security for high value vehicles.

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