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What home security to consider when buying your first house?

Its valentine’s month and for those couples are buying their first house together, it’s an exciting time to begin a new chapter and put their own stamp on living together in their new home, so what about new home security

In contrast, it can be a little daunting too! Understanding what is important in running a home, from sourcing an appropriate mortgage to installing utilities and paying the regular monthly bills, to putting the right insurance in place to protect the building and its contents can be an overwhelming task with so many decisions to make and paperwork to understand.

Here at SGS System’s Ltd, we relieve the stress out of new home security and help those buying their first house to understand the importance of home security and the security possibilities when working to a tight budget.

From protecting flats and apartments to terraced, semi-detached and detached houses we provide property owners with house burglar alarms in both a wired and wireless format.  All new home security is certified and can be securely checked via a smartphone.

5 Top Tips for new home security

To help put you on the right track in terms of new home security, here are some top tips to get put you on the right track:

  1. Change the locks – When you first move into a property, change the locks so that you have a fresh set of keys, after all you don’t know who has lived in the property before you or who has keys and access to the property.
  2. Get to know your neighbours – Don’t be shy and introduce yourselves, they offer an extra set of eyes and ears to keep your property safe.
  3. Clear your garden – Overgrown shrubs and trees provide easy hiding places for intruders to wait. Clearing up your pathways and garden, especially around doorways, will reduce their opportunities.
  4. Check doors and windows – Before leaving the property, make sure that doors and windows are not left open. Close and lock to reduce the potential of easy access from an unwanted intruder.
  5. Install a new home security alarm – SGS Systems Ltd provide the very best quality in new home security burglar alarms and CCTV monitoring equipment. Visible security systems such as a bell box or a camera fitted to the exterior of the property not only offers protection but can also deter thieves.

For more information and questions on new home security please contact our property security team at SGS Systems Ltd or see our security website for further details.