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Is your CCTV farm security ready for Lambing Season?

As lambing season gets underway, this month SGS Systems Ltd are focusing on how we can support farmers throughout this crucial time of year with CCTV farm security.

“Every year, 16 million ewes give birth here in the UK”, according to and although the season runs from November to May, it peaks during the spring season.  Many farmers will work long shifts of up to 12 hours or more.  Ewes will deliver the lambs unassisted out in the field, however first-time mums are often bought into the lambing shed so that the farmers can closely monitor the yews and be on hand to assist should any struggle when giving birth.

Keeping an eye on both experienced and first-time ewe mum’s makes it an extremely busy time for farmers to monitor several locations around the farm, especially when not all ewes will survive and so it is important that farmers are on hand to help wherever possible.

CCTV farm security can help to monitor livestock

Implementing CCTV farm security can help to relieve some of the demand that farmers undertake.  Here at SGS Systems Ltd we support farmers and their livestock by installing multiple CCTV camera’s in a variety of locations, both internally and externally means that livestock can be monitored from a single location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our cameras are non-intrusive and offer infa-red live imagery so that animals can be seen and monitored clearly.

For more information on CCTV farm security and to find out how we can support your commercial farm business, please contact our sales team at SGS Systems Ltd.  As certified providers to the NFU coupled with a vast level of commercial experience we provide a commercial security monitoring service to suit your individual farm business which are scale-able from a single system to multi-level use.

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