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Protecting Jewellers with Jewellery Retail Security

jewellery retail securityCriminals entering a jewellery retail store have often sought to find jewellery retail shop security vulnerabilities within the business and at the premises prior to carrying out a theft, so that they are clear on where and when they will carry out their crime.

Interestingly, theft on jewellery retailers has significantly reduced since 2000. According to a report by UK Metropolitan Police: Burglaries on Jewellery 2000 – 2014.  In 2014 there were just 16 burglaries reported with goods stolen to a value of: £49,378.00, compared to 2000 which saw 150 burglaries totalling too £1794,268.70 and in 2001, 100 burglaries amounted to tremendous value of £4,336,566.28. The report lists rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets and earrings as just some of the items stolen over the 14 year period.

Possibly, down to varying trends in what is seen to be most valuable or an easy target / sale. The reduction in jewellery retail crime could also be recognised for the growing choice in jewellery retail security equipment available to commercial retailers and especially those within the jewellery retail sector.

Finding the right jewellery retail security for your business

To a protect jewellery shop effectively, carrying out a risk assessment is paramount to the safety of all staff, goods and their premises. Secondly it is finding the right jewellery retail shop security equipment to suit the business. Using CCTV is a visual deterrent to potential intruders and also captures valuable information for police to examine should a robbery take place. At the higher end of the market, Fog Security / Smoke Screen Security can prevent items from being stolen for a premises by filling the shop with fog / smoke and reducing visibility within seconds.

If you own or run a jewellery retail shop, then you will appreciate the high level of commercial security required in protecting valuable stock. Often expensive goods are kept on the premises, subjecting employees too many dangers when working day to day. Whilst considering the protection of their stock on one hand, on the other employees are mindful of offering their buyers the very best experience in customer service so that they can interact, touch and try on high value goods.

Protecting jewellery retailers is a high priority for SGS Systems. We appreciate that staff can be exposed to concerning activity and together with our professional security team, we deliver confidential risk assessments to ascertain where security vulnerabilities lie and where areas of a jewellery retail shop should be protected.

Historically we have looked after many jewellery retailers and manufacturing warehouses, particularly in the Birmingham jewellery quarter and across the UK. To find out more about how we could protect your business with jewellery retail shop security, please contact our jewellery retail security team for further information.

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The national association of jewellers is a founding partner in the SafeGems scheme which looks to support the safety of jewellers in their field by linking with all UK police forces too:

  • Co-ordinate data from the trade on incidents and suspicious events
  • Send alerts to members of the NAG, the NAJ and those insured via T H March
  • Co-ordinate data across police forces to improve identification and conviction of criminals.

Jewellers and retailers can find out more by visiting their website: