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Longer Summer Days can increase the risk of farm crime

During this month,  21st June the UK celebrated the longest day of the year, known as the summer solstice.  This is recognised because it is the point in the calendar when the sun reaches both its highest and most northern point in the sky, marking the beginning of summer in the astronomical calendar for the Northern Hemisphere.  Dating back to pagan times, farming communities have celebrated the solstice in recognition of their strong connection with the land and all of their hard work anticipated for a good harvest in the autumn.

Whilst the better weather and longer day light hours are imperative to farmers who can utilise the time to make the most of their working day, operating out in the fields and away from their main farm premises buildings can come at a cost to their livelihood. Longer working days means that equipment, belongings and supplies can be left in an unsecure and vulnerable situation for longer periods of time in unmonitored area throughout the day, which could be open to theft by unwanted intruders, giving rise to farm crime.

As NFU partners our security team provide protection against farm crime

Have you been the victim of a farm crime or looking to protect your property, livestock and equipment against farm crime?

Being a victim of theft and farm crime on your own land is a cruel situation and so this month SGS Systems Ltd are urging all farmers to evaluate their farm security.  As a reputable and accredited supplier to the NFU, we are able to offer a discount on our CCTV equipment and installation to all NFU members and employees. To book a full review of your farm or equestrian premises, please contact our property security team.  You can also find out more by visiting our commercial security website information pages or see the NFU website for more details:

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