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National Home Security Month

national home security monthThis October sees another year of National Home Security Month (NHSM). Offering useful tips and advice on how to keep you and your family secure and keep the burglars at bay; across the internet, security companies are promoting how to stay safe.

Sponsored by Yale and now in its fifth year of success, National Home Security Month aims to raise awareness so that us Brits think about how we could live in a safer environment and increase the protection of our properties.


National Home Security Month says, 'Did you know' …

  • 60% of burglaries take place from 6pm – 6am
  • 70% of burglaries take place during the week
  • 25% of Brits admit to having no home security
  • The average burglar will spend 8-10mins in a home
  • Purses, wallets and money are frequently stolen form a home
  • Homeowners face bills of anything between £700 – £3000 to fix broken locks and replace stolen items

If you fall into the 25% category of having ‘no home security’ then maybe now is the time to consider stepping up on your home property protection? By having just a single house burglar alarm installation at your proeprty which is regularly tested, could prevent the inevitable happening to you and your family.

In light of National Home Security Month, here at SGS Systems Ltd we support homeowners throughout the West Midlands and across the UK with Property Security UK to ensure that they purchase right alarm system to suit their property.

Our company is SSAIB accredited which means that we only install the very best tested home security equipment. Knowing what to have installed and where, can seem like an overwhelming challenge when there are so many options out there on the market. If you would like to find out how our company could support you through the progression of obtaining a security alarm system for your home, then please get in touch

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