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We are recruiting – CCTV Engineer (IP CCTV)

SGS Systems are looking for an experienced Skilled Engineer to join our growing team.

With over 30 years of trading in the Midlands area, we have built a great reputation as bespoke installers to support both local and national contracts across the UK.

In addition, we are the leading UK Fog Cannon installers with over 6500 installs to date and we are the UK training centre for PROTEC fog cannon.

Based in Tettenhall in Wolverhampton, just on the A41 and with access to all major networks, engineers must be willing to travel as you are expected to support well known national high street retailers with CCTV systems on both a maintenance and upgrade level.

Requirements are:

  • Knowledge of the following is desired, Dahua, Hikvision, Vivotec, Axis, Milestone and similar.
  • To repair, maintain and install CCTV in accordance to the relevant standards, and specific system specifications.
  • Adhere to and ensure best practice.
  • Go above and beyond ensuring all work is finished with efficient and proper manner in accordance to company standards and protocol.
  • Positive, self-motivated proactive individual.
  • Good communication skills, with the ability to encourage, negotiate and persuade others to achieve objectives.
  • Well organised and disciplined who is a team player.
  • Able to demonstrate good technical knowledge in at least Three of the following disciplines would be beneficial: Intruder Alarms, Emergency lighting, Door Entry systems, CCTV, Fire, Access Control, Fog Cannons.

Required experience:

  • IP CCTV : experience 3 years Minimum.
  • Able to Demonstrate / understanding of current Standards.
  • Experience in related field with practical hands on experience essential
  • Trade qualifications related to CCTV desired but no essential
  • Experience in a client facing position where the art of punctuality and negotiation were key elements
  • Good Health & Safety Knowledge, with ECS CSCS Card, IPAF, Plasma an advantage.


  • Test Equipment, Battery Hand Tools & Uniform provided
  • Vehicle provided
  • Tablet/Laptop and mobile phone provided as required
  • Company Credit Card
  • Become a multi skilled engineer within the company
  • Expand your skill set
  • Work with a number of prestigious clients
  • Build a career with an established and growing business


Reference ID: Kid-1

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: Up to £30,000.00 per year

Please submit your CV to

Off on holiday this summer? Don’t forget to protect your home

going on holiday - protect your home

going on holiday - protect your homeFinally, the summer holidays are here and with many UK families set for a holiday in the UK or travelling further afield abroad, this month we’re focusing on how to protect your home whilst you are on holiday.

“Summer holidays are a prime time for burglaries”, according to HeartFM, who are currently running a campaign, urging homeowners to keep their homes secure whilst they are away.

Throughout the summer months property thefts rise as burglars are offered greater opportunity to break into property. If you are planning on going on holiday, SGS Systems recommend the following steps to protect your home.

Steps to protect your home whilst on holiday

  1. Check that all windows, doors, garages and outbuildings are locked before you leave.
  2. Hide away anything of value which could be visible through windows and doors.
  3. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the house.
  4. Put out the bins and ask a neighbour to return them to your drive once they have been emptied.
  5. If possible, ask your neighbour to collect your post or move it away from anywhere visible.
  6. Install a timer light to turn on for a few hours in the evening so that it looks like someone is in the property.
  7. Don’t post on social media that you are off on holiday, instead wait until you get back and then post all your favourite photos.
  8. Install a house alarm with SGS Systems. Our team provides a range of individual house alarms depending on customer requirements. Available in wired and wireless installations, customers can easily monitor and manage their property security through a simple smartphone app whilst they are in or away from the property.

To find out more about our home security alarms and other related security products by SGS Systems. We offer a range of burglar alarms, CCTV, lighting, and fire protective equipment to suit owners needs and to protect your home.

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Summer is here! It’s time to review your business security

business security for retail and leisure industryWith many UK businesses now re-opening or having fully re-opened, preparing for the UK summer holidays and especially considering a potential increase in staycations, SGS Systems are urging company owners to review their business security.

Once the schools and colleges break up for the summer holidays later this month, industries such as retail and leisure services are likely to see an increase in footfall this summer, due to UK residents opting for staycations as opposed to travelling abroad.

This means that company owners should ensure that their business security is of a good standard to protect employees, customers, stock, and machinery. To safeguard their companies and their livelihoods, so that they may stay protected throughout the summer season and beyond.

SGS Systems Business Security to help improve your existing security system

Whether you are already a SGS Systems customer who is looking to upscale your security system or have a premises alarm which was originally installed by an alternative security provider, we can help to expand the security of your company. Through a pre-booked appointment SGS Systems will review your current business security system and advise if any improvements could be made to improve the current system by offering a full security service review of your business premises, both inside and out.

By upgrading your existing burglar alarm to also include smartphone monitoring to monitor 24/7, access control to maintain specific levels of security within specific areas of a building or CCTV security to oversee both internal and external areas of the premises, we can assist in the installation and regular support of a complete and comprehensive commercial security system.

To find out more please contact our property security team or see our commercial security website page for more details on the range of commercial security services we offer to companies throughout the West Midlands and across the UK.

Protecting our outdoor personal property

securing outdoor personal propertyIncreased spending on outdoor personal property such as garden furniture, accessories and sports equipment soared in 2020 as many UK homeowners were forced to stay at home during the lockdown. With disposable income to spend and no holidays and events to plan for, investing money into our homes and adding more value to our gardens and outdoor life felt like a perfect opportunity for many UK households.

New hot tubs, outdoor seating, trampolines, and bikes were just a few of the top purchases made during 2020. A trend which seems to be continuing during 2021.

With all these lovely new items ready to use throughout the summertime, obtaining the right home security to protect our outdoor personal property is equally important.

Upgrading Security to protect your outdoor personal property

Here at SGS Systems we provide home security systems for homes and outdoors buildings, summer houses and shed storage. Operated through a simple smartphone app, our home security systems are ideal for setting the alarm system to protect your personal property.

If you are away from the property, a house alarm provides peace of mind that your property is safely protected against any unscrupulous intruders and will raise the alarm to deter should an attempted break-in arise.

Additionally, our highly efficient CCTV monitoring equipment provides thorough property surveillance 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Streaming video for both internal and external areas of a property. This gives customers peace of mind that their personal property is constantly being monitored to keep it secure.

To find out more about our home security services, please speak to our property security team or see our website for more details. With over 30 years of experience in the security industry and a collective team of security engineers to support homeowners across the West Midlands, SGS Systems are on hand to protect your property.

UK suppliers for the latest 3-in-1 camera by Dahua TiOC

SGS Systems are delighted to announce, that we are now suppliers for the Dahua TiOC 3-in-1 camera.

For property owners who are looking to upgrade an existing security system, or prefer installing a combined security system, which doesn’t require running separate individual security devices – the new Dahua TiOC provides an excellent alternative to independently running a property alarm and CCTV security monitoring equipment. With a seamless surveillance service which streams between, both a security alarm and CCTV, the Dahua TiOC also provides the added benefit of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) visual verification technology.

Dahua TiOC 3-in-1 camera core technologies include:

Full Colour Camera – The camera captures vivid colour information when there are low-light conditions. Details of humans, vehicles and scenes can be clearly depicted. The camera supports AI integration by focusing on points of interest such as human and vehicle classification.

Active Deterrence using Perimeter Protection – Using a red-blue light and 110db siren in real-time, the security system actively warns intruders to stay back and not enter any further into the specified designated area of the premises. AI surveillance provides recorded visuals and detailed information for the property owner, which is sent via a push notification to a smartphone.

Utilising Artificial Intelligence – WizSense uses extremely efficient AI chip technology and a deep learning algorithm, which are simple to configure and can be used in real-time situations. Using high accuracy technology, the intelligance recognises human and vehicle features as well as providing a quick target search.

To find out more about the Dahua TiOC or to have a camera fitted at your business or home property, please contact our team at SGS Systems. With over 30 years in the security sector and with a SSAIB accreditation, our team of certified security engineers will undertake a confidential review of your property to suggest the most suited protective security equipment for your premises needs.

Find Out More:

Finding the right location for your commercial business

commercial business property to let

commercial business property to letWhen looking to locate your commercial business to a new property and area, it is important to understand the location that you wish to move too, as well as taking a review for how safe the property is likely to be in keeping your business secure.

Business can run high value tools and equipment, store large amounts of stock, and require vehicle security. Finding the right property to protect your business is paramount to its growth. So as a business owner what should you look out for when finding the right property for your company?

Assessing Location – Start by a research of the crime rates in the area that you are interested in locating too. Investigating crimes such as shop lifting, burglary, vandalism, assault, and theft by employees, could help to give some idea as to which area is safe to base your business.

Check the Building – Identify vulnerable areas of the building, where forced entry could occur. Check that all doors including main entry doors, fire doors and service doors are in good working condition. Double check windows for any faults and that locks are fully functional.

Keep stock out of sight from visibility, check that storerooms are secure enough to safely hold stock and use a floor bolted safe for valuable items.

When you move into the property, fit new keys and locks on all doors so that you are fully aware that there are not any previously copied keys.  Do not leave keys on the premises, instead have a list of nominated key holders who can be contacted in an emergency.

Implementing Commercial Business Security Prevention

The safest method to secure a business property is to implement reliable and protective commercial security. Here at SGS Systems, we recommend the following:

  1. Alert neighbouring properties if there is an intruder.
  2. Deter an intruder from making any further attempt to enter the property.
  3. Connected to a police response call facility, the police will be notified immediately of a break-in.
  1. Provide digital monitoring both internally and externally 24/7.
  2. Provide evidence if an intruder enters the grounds of the property which can be used in a criminal case.
  3. Be used to monitor business processes.
  1. Stop an intruder immediately in their tracks, from making any further attempt of theft.
  2. Fill a room within seconds with thick dense fog / smoke.
  3. Be used in one or several rooms depending on where protection is required.

For more information on securing your business with commercial security by SGS Systems, please contact our property security team or see our website for further details. We offer a range of commercial security options to companies across the UK from SME’s with a single business location up to multiple property locations.

Further Reading

Protecting your commercial premises through lockdown and the winter

Closing a commercial premise throughout January in respect of UK lockdown was not what businesses had planned for the beginning of 2021. Keeping it monitored and safe, especially if business owners are not visiting the premises every day is now a top priority!

Many businesses not only hold high levels of stock but may also operate expensive equipment or machinery. Making sure that a commercial property is secure whilst it is temporarily closed for the foreseeable future is paramount to the future sustainability of any business.

Furthermore, its the wintertime which can add other pressures on a building. The unpredictable situation of a burst water pipe or weather damage can impact a business both financially and productively, even in normal circumstances.

Commercial premises monitoring without having to physically be there

If owners can’t physically base themselves at the property 24/7, then being able to securely protect and monitor the building gives peace of mind and takes away any added pressure. If you are a company owner who is struggling with these factors, then SGS Systems can help!

We provide a range of commercial security solutions suitable for all types of businesses, large or small. Our commercial security options include Commercial Alarm Systems to protect buildings, Remote Access Control to zone off and allow access to specific areas of a building, plus CCTV security to monitor internal and external areas surrounding the premises.

All monitored of our commercial security solutions can be monitored via a smartphone app. Which means that directors can check that their property is ok, monitor who is going in and out of the property and even check that staff have opened and closed the premises at the right times. To find out more about protecting your business with the security support of SGS Systems, please contact our team or see our website for further details.

Keeping our customers safe whilst carrying out a security home visit

home security for 2020 - SGS Bell boxWith the circumstances of another lockdown ever present, SGS Systems are continuing to supply a security home visit for domestic customers and homeowners who require our security maintenance services for their house Burglar Alarm, home CCTV monitoring equipment and other related security services.

Whilst visiting your property to carry out a security home visit and to keep everyone safe, we ask that customers stay at least two metres apart from engineers and use their own pen for signing any documentation.  All engineers wearing PPE and adhering to the following guidelines.

Security Home Visit General Guidance

  1. One security engineer per vehicle at all times, when travelling to and from an appointment / callout.
  2. 2-meter social distancing is adhered to by all engineers whilst on all site and within our SGS Systems office.
  3. Gloves and masks to be worn when more than one person is on site and social distancing is not possible.
  4. Hands are regularly washed or sanitised.
  5. All PPE for daily work schedule is provided by SGS Systems Ltd.
  6. New gloves are used for each individual appointment / call-out.
  7. All PPE is removed safely after each job / domestic visit to avoid any cross-contamination.

Please note that to keep contact between members of staff to a minimum, we are currently running a skeleton workforce. This means that on some days throughout the week, our main office is operating flexible working hours. If when you call, you can not get hold of a member of staff in person, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as a member of staff is available to do so. In an emergency, please use our out of hours emergency service, details for which you find on our main office telephone number. Please call 01902 700687.

Security Protection for Commercial Property this Christmas

security protection for commercial business

security protection for commercial businessFollowing a rocky year and with a significant strain on cash flow for UK business, security protection for commercial equipment, tools, stock, and premises has never been so important for business owners and self-employed contractors.

Security protection for commercial premises

Commercial property is often an easy target for thieves because of the quantity of high value goods which are stored on the premises. Equipment and stock offer an opportunity for thieves to move goods on and make money quickly. Subsequently, often warehouse premises can be tucked away on unlit industrial estates which are quiet, especially when premises shut up for the holidays and over the Christmas period.

To improve security protection for a commercial premises, SGS Systems recommend a range of commercial security products to suit individual businesses. These include commercial security alarm installation which can be connected to a Police response centre for an added level of security. There is also the option of smoke security, which in seconds will immediately fill rooms with thick dense fog to disorientate intruders and prevent them from moving any further through the premises. Then there is CCTV monitoring equipment to surveillance both internal and external areas of a property, and Security Lighting to illuminate doorways and dark areas around a commercial building, which could be risk assesses as vulnerable break-in areas.


Security protection for commercial vehicles

Not only can commercial vehicle be worth substantial value, but commercial vehicles owners and contractors often store and carry high value tools and stock inside their vehicles, in preparation to use on upcoming jobs and for customer appointments. Thieves target vehicles because they can quickly sell tools on to other workers for a decent price.

To improve security protection for commercial vehicles, SGS Systems recommend a range of commercial security products to protect vehicles. With the season of long dark nights, it is important to park vehicles in well-lit areas which are monitored by 24/7 CCTV security. As well as Security Lighting to illuminate external areas around a vehicle to deter thieves from breaking in.

We also recommend keeping tools and high value stock out of sight and securing a vehicle by other means of vehicle security for an added level of property security protection.

To find out more about security protection this season please speak to our team for a confidential review of your company to assess where property security needs can be met over the winter months.

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from SGS Systems

We would like to wish our customers,
suppliers & associates
A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Please note that our office will be closed from
Christmas Eve – 24th December at 12pm.

We will re-open on 4th January from 8.30am (normal office hours)

In the event of an emergency, please call our office number 01902 700687
For the information, on getting in touch with our on-call engineer