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Planning a holiday this summer? Is your property protected?

Holiday season is here! And with the warmer weather and the anticipation of schools and colleges breaking up for the summer term, making those holiday plans in July is always an exciting time of year.

Before you go away on your adventures it is worth making some plans for the security of your home, whilst you are away from the property.  After all there is nothing more disheartening and demoralizing, than coming home from a really happy holiday to find out that whilst you were away, that your home was broken into and your most valuable possessions were stolen because your property was not protected.

Here at SGS System’s Ltd we have come up with a security top tip list to put your home on the right track and ensure that you have the best time on holiday, relaxing with the knowledge that your property is protected.

Security Top Tip List for keeping your home protected

  1. Cancel your regular deliveries for milk, newspapers etc.
  2. Let a neighbor know and ask if they can collect your post so that there isn’t a mountain of un-opened post visible.
  3. Invest in some timer switches for lights and curtains. This will give the appearance that people are in and using the property.
  4. If you are taking your car, then ask a neighbor to park on your drive from time to time.
  5. Put away ladders and any other objects such a wheelie bins which could be used to climb on and gain access upstairs
  6. If you have an intruder alarm – check that the current key holder’s details are up to date and that the security alarm is fully maintained. If not please contact SGS Systems Ltd, we are accredited to test and maintain all alarm security system including brands other than our own.
  7. If you do not have an intruder alarm – it is worth considering an installation to protect your property.  SGS System’s Ltd will offer a confidential review of your property to offer the very best and most suitable security options from intruder alarms to CCTV. Please contact our property security team for a home security review.
  8. Finally, before you go on your holiday make sure that you lock all your doors and windows, room by room. Don’t forget garages, sheds and outbuildings too.

Happy Holidays, the team at SGS Systems Ltd hope that you have a lovely time this summer!

A wheelie bin can easily assist a burglary

You may not have thought of it before, but where you store your wheelie bin could save your home from a burglary.

Recently a Wolverhampton home was the target of a robbery, when two thieves used a wheelie bin to climb up and gain access through an upstairs bathroom window. Cash, bank cards and phones were stolen from the property.  PSCO Shaun Evans of West Midlands re-iterated the need to be aware in a recent article to

"As has been demonstrated on this particular occasion, wheelie bins left outside residential properties can prove to be an effective climbing aid for any opportunist criminals who may be at large across the local area."

Reducing the risk of a burglary

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we are also urging residents to consider where they store their wheelie bins.  As summer is upon us and the weather gets warmer, open windows become easy targets for a burglary. There isn’t anything more accessible for a thief, than positioning a moveable object such as a wheelie bin into a location, directly below a window.  Wheelie bins are sturdy enough to stand on and are of a sufficient height to elevate a person up to a window.  Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to think about where you store your wheelie bins, preferably as far away as possible from the property and even locked in a secure bin storage facility if at all possible.

Also, think about your windows and what to leave open during the warmer weather, especially if no one is at the property.  Our advice to reduce the risk of a burglary, is to shut all windows so that you can leave your home completely secure.  After all it is still better to have a hot house than none of your personal valuables.

For more information on home security and how to stay safe this summer, please see our house security page or speak to our security team. Installing a simple house security alarm or CCTV security could save your home from a burglary, whilst giving you and your family peace of mind that you are all protected through property security.

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Longer Summer Days can increase the risk of farm crime

During this month,  21st June the UK celebrated the longest day of the year, known as the summer solstice.  This is recognised because it is the point in the calendar when the sun reaches both its highest and most northern point in the sky, marking the beginning of summer in the astronomical calendar for the Northern Hemisphere.  Dating back to pagan times, farming communities have celebrated the solstice in recognition of their strong connection with the land and all of their hard work anticipated for a good harvest in the autumn.

Whilst the better weather and longer day light hours are imperative to farmers who can utilise the time to make the most of their working day, operating out in the fields and away from their main farm premises buildings can come at a cost to their livelihood. Longer working days means that equipment, belongings and supplies can be left in an unsecure and vulnerable situation for longer periods of time in unmonitored area throughout the day, which could be open to theft by unwanted intruders, giving rise to farm crime.

As NFU partners our security team provide protection against farm crime

Have you been the victim of a farm crime or looking to protect your property, livestock and equipment against farm crime?

Being a victim of theft and farm crime on your own land is a cruel situation and so this month SGS Systems Ltd are urging all farmers to evaluate their farm security.  As a reputable and accredited supplier to the NFU, we are able to offer a discount on our CCTV equipment and installation to all NFU members and employees. To book a full review of your farm or equestrian premises, please contact our property security team.  You can also find out more by visiting our commercial security website information pages or see the NFU website for more details:

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SGS Systems Ltd become NFU Security Partners

NFU security partnersSGS Systems Ltd is delighted to announce that as from the 1st May 2019, we have become Dedicated NFU Security Partners to the NFU (National Farmers Union).  This means that NFU farmer members, NFU grower members and NFU staff can now approach us via the NFU supplier list, where they will be entitled to a 10% discounted offer for any security requirements including the supply and installation of security by our company SGS Systems Ltd.

With rural crime on the rise and the threat from outside intruders who are finding wider global sources to sell on stolen goods, the requirement to protect your livestock, property, equipment and machinery throughout the UK has never been so important.

As NFU security partners, our association includes the provision of CCTV products including Inter Alia security cameras and other video and audio surveillance equipment, plus CCTV services including CCTV security installation, monitoring and maintenance services in connection with supplied CCTV products.

As commercial security suppliers to the West Midlands regions, we support NFU members and associates throughout the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Herford and Worcestershire.  To find out more about our NFU security partners information please see the NFU website – or contact our property security team for more details.

Securing your property this May with holiday security

holiday security - front doorThis month we are focusing on holiday security.  As May is one of the busiest month’s in the UK holiday calendar with two bank holiday weekends and the school half term, enjoying a well earned break from work and education to go out in the warmer weather or to enjoy a short break or holidays is often on the agenda for so many UK residents.

Whilst it is wonderful to make these plans, it is also worth thinking about how you will keep your home safe with holiday security, whilst you and your family are away from the property and so during this month of May, we are giving some tips on how to keep your property safe and be mindful of your security.

It is no secret that intruders are aware and can see when you are away from your home by picking up on obvious signs.  When they are scouring your road or local area, they know what to look for and where holiday security maybe lacking.  So what can you do to minimise the risks?

  1. Double check that all doors and windows are locked before you leave.  Also check your garages, sheds and outbuildings which can sometimes be overlooked during the haste of leaving the house.
  2. Change your lights to a timer to give the appearancethat there is movement in the house.  Timer light bulbs  are now available on the market and offer a cost effective option which will screw into your normal light fitting.
  3. Ask a neighbour to move your bins out for collection and then return them to the property.  Unfortunately full and non-collected bins can offer a clear indication to prospective intruders that you are not around to organise.
  4. Install a home security systemSGS Systems Ltd offer a range of property security services which include wired and wireless alarm installations, cctv monitoring equipment through to our most sophisticated fog security. All of our security equipment is SSAIB accredited and our installations are supported with annual checks and reviews by our fully qualified security engineers to ensure that you home security operates to the best of its ability.

For more information of holiday security and how to protect your home this May, please contact our team at SGS Systems Ltd. We provide property security services to homes of all sizes across the UK, from semi-dettached and dettached homes to large high-net worth estaes and mansions.

Car Crime is on the rise. How can we improve car security?

Car robber at night looking inside a car
Car robber at night looking inside a car
We love our cars; they are an extension of our own selves.  We enjoy the comfort that they provide; they are a status symbol and a reflection of our own personality.  However, over the last 12 months, the UK has seen a significant rise in car theft, due to a lack in car security and increasing criminal activity, whereby they have sought to steel popular makes and models often worth thousands of pounds.  These have included brands which can be easily sold on at a high value price.

In 2018 Car insurers paid out £1 million a day following a surge of vehicle thefts including keyless car crime.  This totaled to £376 million, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

How can we deter car criminals and implement car security

Taking a few basic steps to protect your vehicle will help to deter criminals and keep your car safe.  Here are just a few car security ideas from SGS Systems Ltd.

Lock your vehicle in a garage – This is one of the safest and most efficient methods of implenting car security and storing a vehicle securely.  The vehicle is immediately out of view behind a locked door and the garage security can incorporate a garage alarm, plus Garage CCTV Security.

Install CCTV onto car ports and drivewaysCCTV Security operates 24/7 which means that carports and driveways are continually monitored to capture any unscrupulous activity.  Displaying clear signs that your premises is under surveillance could also help to deter intruders and improve your level of car security.

Don’t tell social media that you have a new car – Whilst you may be really proud of your new car, using social media to tell family and friends offers a wealth of information to potential vehicle thieves, who can scour your profile and easily locate the vehicle.  

Check the manufacturer’s status and guidelines around keyless cars – Car security on keyless cars has under gone many updates during recent months.  Ensure that you have the most up to date software and that your vehicle’s locking system has been thoroughly checked.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd, we protect vehicles with both Garage Security and CCTV Security. To book a confidential review of your premises or to find out more about any other aspect of property security, please contact our property security team or see our Garage Security website page –

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SGS Systems Ltd has moved premises

We are delighted to announce that our business SGS Systems Ltd has recently re-located from Pattingham to our new business address at: 81 Wergs Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV6 9BP.

Our new office creates a central point of contact.  Locally we offer a prominent location for our customers to meet us, whilst further afield, we provide a central bases for our SGS Systems Ltd security engineers to have clear access to all major motorway routes across the UK.

Please be aware that our telephone number and email addresses remain the same and that we can still be contacted on 01902 700687 or please email your enquiry to:

Don’t forget we’re here to help with your property security!

Supplying and installing security to both homeowners and commercial business properties throughout the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire and across the UK, our company SGS Systems Ltd is first on hand to help and support with property security.

From single wired and wireless burglar alarms to multi-alarm networks. 24/7 monitored CCTV security or fog and smoke security, our company provides are range of both internal and external security systems to secure premises and suit your protection needs.

To find out more please contact our property security team or see our house security and commercial security website pages for further information. 

Manufacturing Security

Manufacturing SecurityManufacturers play a key role in many supply chains, whether they are producing an element of a product or providing an assembly process for a finished item and so how they operate their manufacturing security is key to this.  Securing raw materials, stock and equipment is essential to the daily running and productivity of any manufacturing business.

 Theft or damage to stock can cease a manufacturing business and bring a complete supply chain to a standstill. Ensuring that a manufacturing premises, the stock that they hold and the equipment is safe during work hours and away from the premises will give company Director’s peace of mind that their business is safe.

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we support manufacturing businesses across the West Midlands and the UK to ensure that their businesses operate with fully protected manufacturing security.

A manufacturing premises can develop in all shapes and sizes from small independent units to large multi building operations.  Here at SGS Systems Ltd we provide a range of manufacturing security options which are individually bespoke to suit each business, depending on their scale and the types of products that they manufacture.

What does our manufacturing security include?

Commercial Alarms SGS Systems Ltd install and regularly maintain commercial alarm systems.  Our commercial alarms systems are hardwired into the premises and operate using their own network. 

Door entry systems The installation of an SGS Systems Ltd door entry system is ideal for companies who wish to zone off areas within a manufacturing premises.  Perfect for areas where substantial amounts of stock is stored or where only designated staff is allowed entry.

CCTV cameras and equipment – 24/7 internal and external surveillance at a commercial property offers continual monitoring and acts as a deterrent.  Linked to a telephone app, cameras can be monitored whilst on site or away from the premises.

For more information on our manufacturing security options and to discuss the commercial security of your business in confidence, please speak to our SGS Systems Ltd security team to find out how we can support your company.

Spring is here! Is the perimeter of your outdoor property safe?

outdoor propertyAs the weather begins to warm up and we begin to spend more time outdoors, it’s time to start thinking about the safety and security of the perimeter of our homes and outdoor property such as sheds and outbuildings.

Sheds that were once just used to store a lawn mower and the odd few pots of paint or offer a place for ‘Dad to go to’ are long gone.  These days they are used to house far more sophisticated possessions that come at a much higher cost.  They have become an extension to the living area of our homes and our personalities, hobbies and interests, offer a useful space for storage so that we may keep our houses clutter free.

Bikes and hi-tech sports equipment, storage for hot-tubs and high quality garden furniture, or extra space for office use and hobby businesses are just some of the reasons why homeowners of today wish to invest in outdoor property such as a shed or summer house.

With the influence of George Clarkson’s TV programme ‘Amazing Spaces’ and now paint brand Cuprinol who host their annual competition ‘Shed of the Year 2019’, how we build and use a shed has opened the minds of many homeowners across the UK.

So how can we protect our beloved shed, cabin, garden room or summer house?

  • Invest and install in a decent lock
  • Add frosting or curtains to the windows to minimize visibility through the glass to prevent an intruder from seeing what’s inside.
  • Install an outside security light that is motion censored to highlight any unscrupulous activity
  • Cut back hedges and shrubs so that doorways remain visible
  • Install a wireless burglar alarm from SGS Systems Ltd.  Connected via your home WIFI and accessible through a smart-phone app gives the ability to homeowners to easily set and manage the alarm when they are away from the property.
  • Install CCTV security from SGS Systems Ltd. Connected through a dedicated TV monitor and accessible through a smart-phone app offers homeowners the freedom to check on their outdoor property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Gang crime against retailers and warehouse owners is rising

It is no secret that organized gang crime is on the rise across the UK. Whilst it is often referred to in conjunction with drugs and weapons, the UK has also seen a noticeable rise in predatory gangs who are raiding retail stores and warehouses across the country. 

Whilst final figures for 2018 are still yet to be published, during 2017 retail crime rose to £700 million according to the Retailers Against Crime partnership.  Mass theft of substantial quantities of product which can be sold without trace on the black market has become a growing trend.  Fraud and commodities such as clothing, electrical items, alcohol and cigarettes still continue to lead their targeted wish list.

And it is not just UK gangs. The UK is being targeted more than ever by organised international gangs who see us as a wealthy country and have recognized theft opportunities. This isn’t helped by our under-funded Police infrastructure which has been determined as not able to withstand and appropriately respond to the pressure of modern day global criminals.

So what can be done to help commercial businesses who need to protect against gang crime?

Finding support for retailers – Support organizations like the Retailers Against Crime partnership ( provide training and useful resources to help retailers to recognize organized and travelling offenders.

Lighting – A well lit property is less of an easy target to gangs who are looking to go undercover.  Sensor lighting which can be triggered in a disturbance could deter intruders from making any attempt to enter any further.

Protecting your premises with Fog Security – Premises security is crucial in securing zones and protecting stock. Fog / Smoke security offers the most capable method to combat against this.  Filling a room in seconds with thick, dense fog, will not only take thieves by surprise, it will completely dis-orientate them and minimize any theft of goods.

CCTV Monitoring equipment – Clearly displaying that CCTV monitoring equipment is in use can be a deterrent to opportunists.  However should an issue arise, then real-time imagery of the incident will be captured and could be used as future evidence.

Alarming your premises – Installing a fully operational accredited commercial alarm and having it continually serviced and maintained, gives owners peace of mind that their premises is safely protected whilst they are away from the site.

Do you own commercial property and operate as a retailer, a warehouse premises or a you the owner of a manufacturing / industrial business? Here at SGS Systems Ltd we assist companies with commercial security – large or small and stretching across the UK. Tailored specifically to individual business needs we supply and install the right security solution to protect your company, your goods and your premises. To find out more please contact our commercial alarm security team or see our commercial security website for further details.

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