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Off on holiday? Think Easter Home Security

Off on holiday think Easter home securityThis month we are thinking about Easter home security and how it can benefit homeowners across the UK.  Thankfully March is finally here and with daylight hours beginning to extend a little longer and the weather beginning to warm up, people across the UK are making holiday plans for the forthcoming months ahead.

If you are planning to get away for the Easter break, then it’s worth considering how you will protect your home whilst you are on holiday; after all, no one wants to arrive home from a memorable holiday only to find that they have been a victim of a burglary.   By making a few simple security steps you can competently protect your property and go on holiday with peace of mind that your belongings and livelihood is safe.

Simple Easter home security tips such as asking a neighbour to keep an eye on your property whilst you are on holiday, parking a car on the drive so that it looks like someone is staying at the property, putting the bins out for collection and asking a neighbour to collect your post will help to draw attention to the fact that nobody is at home.

What to do if you already have a home security alarm

If you already have a security alarm installed in your house, then its worth testing before you go on holiday to make sure that it works properly.  It’s worth knowing that here at SGS System’s Ltd our certified security installers can test and certify your alarm, even if it isn’t made and installed by our company. To find out more, please contact our property security advisory team.

What to do if you don’t have a home security alarm

If you don’t have a home security alarm, then please contact our property security team at SGS System’s Ltd for a FREE and confidential review of your property.  Our security review team works closely with homeowners to find the best security solution to suit your home and budget. All home alarm systems are scale-able, come in wired or wireless format and can be tracked via your smartphone app whilst you are away from the property at another location.

For further information on protecting your home this holiday with Easter home security please contact our west midlands property security team or see our website for further details.