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Our vehicle security could reduce the chance of car chopping

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It’s getting chilly out there! With the temperature gradually falling as we move into the winter season, the appeal to heat up our cars and defrost our windscreens whilst leaving the engine running or leave the keys in the ignition whilst we nip back into the house is tempting.

In 2018, Birmingham Live editorial highlighted the effects of ‘car brands most commonly carjacked in the West Midlands’ and the growing popularity of ‘car chopping’ through organised crime gangs who involved children as young as 15 years old to steal cars.

Ford Cars and Vans were the most popular models stolen, whilst Land Rover, Vauxhall, BMW, Audi and Hondas also demonstrated as desirable brands.  In many cases the cars are broken down and sold for parts through the likes of eBay, Gumtree, Autotrader and other selling sites by making criminals millions of pounds through ‘chopping up’.

In arecent article by the UK Metropolitain Police, they offer useful advice at: and highlight the fact that it is “actually illegal to leave your vehicle running unattended while you de-ice it or warm it up in cold weather.” “If someone takes it while it’s left like this, your insurer won’t pay out because you won’t be covered.”

Methods to improve your vehicle security

The answer is don’t make it easy for the opportunists! Here at SGS Systems Ltd, we help to protect vehicles with a number of vehicle security solutions and as a result can reduce the occurrence of a theft incident through the installation of our vehicle security protection package:

Security Lighting – Operating on sensors from dusk until dawn, our external security lighting can be powered by energy efficient LED Units that will illuminate the area of a domestic drive up to the size of a carpark.  Effective security lighting will work successfully on many levels, from deterring un-wanted intruders who don’t want to be seen to illuminating footage captured by CCTV camera security.

CCTV Security Our 24/7 security monitoring equipment is supplied and installed to the highest standards with time and dates visible on every frame to make the recording admissible as evidence.  Our CCTV security systems are configured to meet your budget, premises size and level of risk.

Garage Security Locking your vehicle in a garage / enclosed area is probably the most secure method in protecting your vehicle. Here at SGS Systems Ltd, we provide garage security as part of an extension to your house alarm to include alarm installation through inferred wired and wireless options.

To find out more about vehicle security and protecting your vehicle whilst stationery at your property please speak to our security sale team or see our home security and garage security website pages for further details.

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