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Planning a holiday this summer? Is your property protected?

Holiday season is here! And with the warmer weather and the anticipation of schools and colleges breaking up for the summer term, making those holiday plans in July is always an exciting time of year.

Before you go away on your adventures it is worth making some plans for the security of your home, whilst you are away from the property.  After all there is nothing more disheartening and demoralizing, than coming home from a really happy holiday to find out that whilst you were away, that your home was broken into and your most valuable possessions were stolen because your property was not protected.

Here at SGS System’s Ltd we have come up with a security top tip list to put your home on the right track and ensure that you have the best time on holiday, relaxing with the knowledge that your property is protected.

Security Top Tip List for keeping your home protected

  1. Cancel your regular deliveries for milk, newspapers etc.
  2. Let a neighbor know and ask if they can collect your post so that there isn’t a mountain of un-opened post visible.
  3. Invest in some timer switches for lights and curtains. This will give the appearance that people are in and using the property.
  4. If you are taking your car, then ask a neighbor to park on your drive from time to time.
  5. Put away ladders and any other objects such a wheelie bins which could be used to climb on and gain access upstairs
  6. If you have an intruder alarm – check that the current key holder’s details are up to date and that the security alarm is fully maintained. If not please contact SGS Systems Ltd, we are accredited to test and maintain all alarm security system including brands other than our own.
  7. If you do not have an intruder alarm – it is worth considering an installation to protect your property.  SGS System’s Ltd will offer a confidential review of your property to offer the very best and most suitable security options from intruder alarms to CCTV. Please contact our property security team for a home security review.
  8. Finally, before you go on your holiday make sure that you lock all your doors and windows, room by room. Don’t forget garages, sheds and outbuildings too.

Happy Holidays, the team at SGS Systems Ltd hope that you have a lovely time this summer!