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Property Security Services for Autumn 2016

property-security-servicesProperty security services can sometimes be an agonising niggle for home owners, and so for this Autumn if you are considering on upgrading the way in which you protect your home, then we have some ideas to help you make an improvement.

Yes! It is official we have definitely reached the Autumn season for 2016. Within just a few weeks the temperature has dropped and the dark evenings have set in and we are all thinking about hibernating for the winter as we await the clock time change from British summer time to winter. However, as we embark on the seasonal change, have you considered if your property security and is your home secure enough?

Dark evenings give intruders a great opportunity to take advantage of reduced visibility. For these thieves, it is easy for them to hide behind bushes and fences where visibility is concealed because of the lack of day light. Everything is not lost though and with just a few simple changes, home owners can protect themselves, their families and their properties to create a more secure environment.

Here are a few tips to adjust into the Autumn season and improve your property security services:

  1. Lock your doors and windows early evening
  2.  Ask visitors to telephone you as they arrive so that you don’t have to answer the door to strangers
  3. Fit security lights above all doors so that your visibility is clearer
  4. Fit your front door with an eye viewer so that people are magnified and clearer to see outside
  5.  Fit your front door with a security chain which will only allow the door to open slightly at first
  6. Cut back high hedges and plants which can obstruct your view across door ways
  7. Store ladders away safely which could otherwise be used as an entry option to upstairs windows
  8. Don’t post on social media if you are going away on holiday

Finally have a wired or wireless alarm fitted at your property by SGS Systems Ltd. We provide a FREE no obligation property security review so that customers can freely decide if it’s something that would benefit them. Together with our other property security services such as CCTV systems and Access Control, we can provide a complete property security package to suit your needs.

Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and central to all major motorway networks, we offer home security Wolverhampton across the UK. SGS Systems is SSAIB Accredited to industry standard and all of our security engineers are highly experienced so that we may offer you the very best in property security services.  Together with our annual checks and maintenance service, plus our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week’s support facility, we have our customer’s best interests at heart.

If you are considering upgrading your property security services this Autumn, then please contact our team on Telephone: 01902 700687 to book a home review or email us at: