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Protecting your commercial premises through lockdown and the winter

Closing a commercial premise throughout January in respect of UK lockdown was not what businesses had planned for the beginning of 2021. Keeping it monitored and safe, especially if business owners are not visiting the premises every day is now a top priority!

Many businesses not only hold high levels of stock but may also operate expensive equipment or machinery. Making sure that a commercial property is secure whilst it is temporarily closed for the foreseeable future is paramount to the future sustainability of any business.

Furthermore, its the wintertime which can add other pressures on a building. The unpredictable situation of a burst water pipe or weather damage can impact a business both financially and productively, even in normal circumstances.

Commercial premises monitoring without having to physically be there

If owners can’t physically base themselves at the property 24/7, then being able to securely protect and monitor the building gives peace of mind and takes away any added pressure. If you are a company owner who is struggling with these factors, then SGS Systems can help!

We provide a range of commercial security solutions suitable for all types of businesses, large or small. Our commercial security options include Commercial Alarm Systems to protect buildings, Remote Access Control to zone off and allow access to specific areas of a building, plus CCTV security to monitor internal and external areas surrounding the premises.

All monitored of our commercial security solutions can be monitored via a smartphone app. Which means that directors can check that their property is ok, monitor who is going in and out of the property and even check that staff have opened and closed the premises at the right times. To find out more about protecting your business with the security support of SGS Systems, please contact our team or see our website for further details.