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Protecting your vehicle from Car Theft

car theftSadly, 2020 has seen a sharp rise in car theft, car damage and catalytic convertor theft, across the West Midlands and the North West of England. Generally, vehicles and their parts are a lure to thieves because they can be of such high value when sold on through organised gangs.

In conjunction to this Autumn and Winter is now upon us. The longer, dark nights where streets have less surveillance by residence and neighbours creates an ideal situation for car thieves to seek out crime opportunity.

What can vehicle owners do to protect from car theft?

Here at SGS Systems we provide vehicle owners with a range of property security services to protect their vehicles from car theft.

Wireless Alarm Security – As registered UK suppliers for Pyronix HK Vision, SGS Systems install and maintain wireless security systems to protect vehicles from car theft when parked on driveways, under carports or in garages.

The digitally based Enforcer Kit includes a two-way wireless panel with a WIFI communicator, a two-way wireless keyfob, a PIR detector with a 10m range, plus much more. The system is cloud based and works in conjunction with smartphones. It uses push notifications and SMART apps to notify the user of any activity whilst giving them 24/7 access and free control to use where-ever they are located.

Light Security – Thieves do not want to be seen! Using installed security lighting to illuminate a driveway and surrounding exterior areas of a property will deter thieves from pursuing any further break-in. Our security lighting is fitted according to the distance range you wish to illuminate outside. The exterior lighting security can be set via a timer and /or an infer-red beam.

CCTV Security – 24/7 monitoring for both exterior and interior surveillance not only helps to deter thieves, but should it be required, captured images could be used as evidence in a crime case. CCTV camera’s can be strategically installed to protect specific outdoor areas of a property such as across doorways, a driveway, car port or garage.

To find out more about how we can protect your vehicle against car theft please contact SGS Systems or see our property security website for more details.