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Does your retail / warehouse premises have security support this Christmas

As retail bricks and mortar premises extend their opening hours to sell goods to eager Christmas shoppers and warehouse businesses across the UK embrace the Christmas demand to meet orders through the online retail sector, this month we are focusing on the security support that companies may need to protect stock.

Whether you are carrying extra stock to meet demand over the coming weeks or looking to protect your retail / warehouse premises when staff break up for the Christmas holiday, here at SGS Systems Ltd we supply security support to businesses, large or small and in single or multi-site locations across the UK.

Vacant properties can be a lure for targeting criminals when staff are on holiday and so reducing the likelihood of a burglary, deterring intruders and protecting your commercial premises is vital to the running and future development of your commercial business.

SGS Systems Ltd offer security support to commercial business

SGS Systems Ltd offer a number of security solutions, some of which can be monitored from a smartphone app and do not need staff to physically visit the premises to check that it is secure.  Using a single commercial alarm installation or by applying a combination of security support options such as a wired or wireless commercial security alarm coupled with security lighting and 24/7 CCTV monitoring equipment or access control and fog / smoke security to prevent access into specific room / zones, many security support options can be achieved to protect the premises effectively.

To find out more about SGS Systems Ltd and how we can offer security support to your business, please contact our security team.  We will provide a confidential review of your business premises and the stock that you carry to ensure that we offer a security support system to meet your requirements over the Christmas holiday season.