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Using Smart Security App Technology to check your home security

dreamstime_xs_48883576Since the launch of the very first smartphone by IBM back in 1994, the use of Apps to enhance our daily lives has grown considerably, so that we may improve our efficiency and keep us connected. In recent years, smart security App technology has come under scrutiny as to how secure it really operates in terms of cyber security.

Smartphone Apps keep us connected with friends through social media, enable us to check our email, check our bank balance, research information, play games, watch videos, listen to music and now with its connect-ability into the home becoming more popular than ever, we can control our heating and lighting through the touch of a button. The technical term for connecting inanimate objects using smartphone technology is called Internet of Things and the industry is estimated to connect 30 billion gadgets into our digital infrastructure by 2020, according to predictions by Household items such as washing machines, kettles and fridges are already seeing developments in combining this technology with the way in which we use them daily and so it is now certain that this is how our homes will operate in the very near future.

The vulnerabilities of smart security App technology

Using smartphone smart security App technology to check home CCTV cameras has been around for some time now, keeping a check on the house whilst at work or on holiday gives people that peace of mind that everything is ok and protected. However not all cameras and Apps are secure and some cheaper models have come under close scrutiny in terms of their safeguarding. Interception from hackers to obtain personal information or to even hijack equipment and watch people through home CCTV is the main concern for anyone using this type of technology. Here at SGS Systems Ltd we recommend only the market leading quality smart security App technology and home CTTV security equipment currently available.

If you are considering using this type of smart security App technology to protect your home and are thinking of installing home CCTV at your house then please contact our CCTV security team for a confidential review and find out how we can help to protect your home securely with smart security app technology.

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