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Spring is here! Is the perimeter of your outdoor property safe?

outdoor propertyAs the weather begins to warm up and we begin to spend more time outdoors, it’s time to start thinking about the safety and security of the perimeter of our homes and outdoor property such as sheds and outbuildings.

Sheds that were once just used to store a lawn mower and the odd few pots of paint or offer a place for ‘Dad to go to’ are long gone.  These days they are used to house far more sophisticated possessions that come at a much higher cost.  They have become an extension to the living area of our homes and our personalities, hobbies and interests, offer a useful space for storage so that we may keep our houses clutter free.

Bikes and hi-tech sports equipment, storage for hot-tubs and high quality garden furniture, or extra space for office use and hobby businesses are just some of the reasons why homeowners of today wish to invest in outdoor property such as a shed or summer house.

With the influence of George Clarkson’s TV programme ‘Amazing Spaces’ and now paint brand Cuprinol who host their annual competition ‘Shed of the Year 2019’, how we build and use a shed has opened the minds of many homeowners across the UK.

So how can we protect our beloved shed, cabin, garden room or summer house?

  • Invest and install in a decent lock
  • Add frosting or curtains to the windows to minimize visibility through the glass to prevent an intruder from seeing what’s inside.
  • Install an outside security light that is motion censored to highlight any unscrupulous activity
  • Cut back hedges and shrubs so that doorways remain visible
  • Install a wireless burglar alarm from SGS Systems Ltd.  Connected via your home WIFI and accessible through a smart-phone app gives the ability to homeowners to easily set and manage the alarm when they are away from the property.
  • Install CCTV security from SGS Systems Ltd. Connected through a dedicated TV monitor and accessible through a smart-phone app offers homeowners the freedom to check on their outdoor property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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