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Stately Home Security

stately home securityHere at SGS Systems Ltd, we offer the very latest in comprehensive country house and stately home security for the absolute of our high net worth clients and the protection of their property.

Working closely and in confidence with individual customers and high profile clients, the wellbeing and protection of home owners and their families, their high net worth property and possessions is at the forefront of our purpose. Through this we thoroughly assess our clients’ needs to ascertain the right security system to fulfil their requirements. 

With over 25 years’ experience in security installation and maintenance, our professional team offer a wide range of capability when dealing with the security of larger properties, manor houses and estates all over the UK and nationwide. Our SGS stately home security protection operates on a variety of levels within the property in terms of monitoring and securing floors and levels, individual rooms & corridors, house wings and zones so that owners have full control of their security and can manage who, when and where has access. In addition, we also offer garage security to guard valuable vehicles, plus external Lighting and CCTV security to provide our customers with full protection across all and within their property grounds.

What types of Stately Home Security options are there available?

SGS Systems offer a diverse range of stately home security preferences, from our most sophisticated Smoke Technology through to Wired & Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm systems. Further to this, all stately home security systems can be monitored through smartphone technology when clients are away from the property and connected directly to our Police Response System for ultimate high net worth property security cover.

If you own a country house or stately home and are looking for a stately home security system, mansion security and estate security, then please do not hesitate to contact our experienced high net worth property security team in confidence to find out how we can help to protect your home.

 * For further information on home security and improving safety within your community, please click here to view government guidelines