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Summer is here! It’s time to review your business security

business security for retail and leisure industryWith many UK businesses now re-opening or having fully re-opened, preparing for the UK summer holidays and especially considering a potential increase in staycations, SGS Systems are urging company owners to review their business security.

Once the schools and colleges break up for the summer holidays later this month, industries such as retail and leisure services are likely to see an increase in footfall this summer, due to UK residents opting for staycations as opposed to travelling abroad.

This means that company owners should ensure that their business security is of a good standard to protect employees, customers, stock, and machinery. To safeguard their companies and their livelihoods, so that they may stay protected throughout the summer season and beyond.

SGS Systems Business Security to help improve your existing security system

Whether you are already a SGS Systems customer who is looking to upscale your security system or have a premises alarm which was originally installed by an alternative security provider, we can help to expand the security of your company. Through a pre-booked appointment SGS Systems will review your current business security system and advise if any improvements could be made to improve the current system by offering a full security service review of your business premises, both inside and out.

By upgrading your existing burglar alarm to also include smartphone monitoring to monitor 24/7, access control to maintain specific levels of security within specific areas of a building or CCTV security to oversee both internal and external areas of the premises, we can assist in the installation and regular support of a complete and comprehensive commercial security system.

To find out more please contact our property security team or see our commercial security website page for more details on the range of commercial security services we offer to companies throughout the West Midlands and across the UK.