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31st October marks the clocks going back for British Wintertime

Early sunset over Housing Estate - British Wintertime

Early sunset over Housing Estate - British Wintertime

October marks the month for the UK clocks to turn back by one hour for British wintertime. This means that whilst on Sunday 31st October at 2am the clocks will be set back by one hour and determines that we will be able to enjoy an extra hour during the day. However, by 6pm (which would normally by 7pm) we’ll soon recognise that it’s much darker outside.

. As the visibility reduces outside, creating a safer space in and around our homes is essential for peace of mind, so that homeowners know that they have an added element of security protection.


Protecting your home through the British wintertime

Through our security firm, SGS Systems offer a range of home security products to help improve the situation for homeowners throughout the British wintertime.

Installing a bell box and house burglar alarm, adding exterior lighting to illuminate entrances and exterior areas including outbuildings, or installing CCTV to surveillance the property will all help to deter any suspecting intruders from attempting a break in.

Furthermore, our property security team also recommend installing interior lights and curtains which are set with timers to impersonate that someone is at home, especially if they are regularly away from the property well into the evening hours or often return home later at night when its dark outside.

For further information about protecting your home through the British wintertime please contact our security team. With our team of approved and experienced property security engineers, SGS Systems install, upgrade and maintain many types of home security across the West Midlands and the UK. Our website also offers further details on home security and how to protect your property.

More information on clock saving hours and time for British wintertime changes can be found at: