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Tightening warehouse stock security in time for seasonal expansion

protecting warehouse stock security

protecting warehouse stock securityWith warehouses and stock rooms across the UK beginning to prepare for the uptake in Christmas sales, this month SGS Systems are encouraging businesses to check the adequacy of their current arrangements for protecting warehouse stock security.

Christmas is insight and so many businesses are now looking to increase their property capacity over the coming months, to create more room for sales stock. This could mean taking on extra property to house extra stock or otherwise increase warehouse space into other areas of a property which may not normally be used for the purpose.

Whether it’s only for the season or a requirement for more of a long-term expansion, SGS Systems are here to support commercial property owners with warehouse stock security.

Warehouse stock security by SGS Systems

Through our extensive security experience in looking after commercial warehouse businesses across the UK with single and multiple location properties, SGS Systems are on hand to provide a confidential warehouse stock security review of a premises. We do this to clearly ascertain as to what type of property security the premises requires to cover both buildings and sales stock. Coupled with this, we consider the size of the property, number of rooms with required accessibility, number of employees who require access, if there are any high value goods which need to be stored, access control during certain times of the day, exterior security, and lighting, plus much more.

Furthermore, SGS Systems offer a range of commercial security products such as commercial property alarms in wired and wireless format, CCTV equipment for 24-hour monitoring, Smoke security, Lighting and Fire alarms – all of which can be accessed and managed via smartphone apps when business owners are away from the property. For further information on how to implement or upgrade your existing warehouse stock security, please contact our commercial security team.