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The Retailer’s Challenge to Protect Goods

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Security is so often a real challenge faced by retailers and store owners across the UK, who must protect goods on a daily basis from unwanted theft.  Goods such as cigarettes, perfume and ATM machines, are easy targets for criminals who are looking to make a quick turnover of cash from stolen goods.

In a recent article by – Retail crime statistics show one in five thefts now take place in stores. It revealed that 2017 saw an increase of 8% in shoplifting offence with 385,265 reports of shoplifting over the 12 months.

It is alarming to see this rate increasing over the past year, especially when so many retailers are already likely to use some method of security to protect goods and their premises.  The issue here is, is their store equipment up to scratch and is it meeting the level that needed as a business owner or manager?

FOG Security is often the best option to protect goods

Here at SGS Systems Ltd we do have a security solution to prevent a theft situation and protect goods.  Supporting national retail companies across the UK in clothing, technology and perfume.  Supermarkets and general stores where cigarette counters are often an easy target and safeguarding individual retailers and petrol station owners, our company installs and maintains fog / smoke security.

Operating independently to your premise’s alarms and CCTV security.  Our fog / smoke security is triggered when an intruder enters the protected area by filling the space within seconds, with thick and dense fog. The fog / smoke security device prevents the intruder from moving any further around the commercial building by reducing visibility and disorientating them.

Coupled with our police response assistance, fog / smoke security is our most sophisticated of all our security systems.  Offering retailers, reliability so that they can protect goods and their property.

If your commercial business is looking to upgrade on your existing security equipment and would prefer a more effective method to protect goods, then please speak to our team at SGS Systems Ltd about a FREE Review of your premises in respect of fog / smoke security.  Alternatively, you can find out more through our website –

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