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Tis’ the month for Christmas Security

Christmas Security - Presents under the treeWith Christmas not far away now! Here at SGS Systems, December is always a time when we like to remind everyone about Christmas security, so that gifts may be kept safe and out of sight from tempting thieves.

Often Christmas can mean buying high value items for loved ones, but no one wants to fall victim of a break-in and so here are some useful home Christmas security ideas to reduce the likelihood of a burglary in your home.

Do’s and Don’ts to protect your home with Christmas Security

Christmas Security Do’s!

  1. Do, close your curtains and lock your doors and windows when at home and if you go out.
  2. Do, leave a light on so that it looks like someone is in your home whilst you are not there.
  3. Do, de-clutter the outside of your home so that pathways are open and clear.
  4. Do ask the neighbours to help you with putting bins away and picking up post if it is difficult to move yourself.
  5. Do, fit your house with a home security alarm by SGS Systems. We provide a range of house alarm solutions to suit homes of all sizes. Our security alarms come in wired or wireless options and can be used in conjunction with other home security equipment such as security lighting or CCTV monitoring.

Christmas Security Don’ts!

  1. Don’t leave expensive items under the tree. Put the gifts away and out of sight, preferably in a cupboard, until you are ready to hand out.
  2. Don’t got out and leave your lights on, with the curtains open. Potential thieves could easily take a good look inside through the window to decide if it is worth breaking in.
  3. Don’t leave outdoor Christmas lights trailing through open windows which could offer an easy opportunity and accessible point of access to intruders.
  4. Don’t tell everyone on Facebook that you are going to be away from your home over the holidays.
  5. Don’t take high value items straight out of the box and leave the packaging outside for recycling collection day. Store the packaging out of sight and take to your local refuge centre when you are ready.

For more information on protecting your home this Winter with property security, please contact our team at SGS Systems or see our security website for further details.