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Want a quick alarm installation / temporary alarm security ? We can help!

Operating a business can raise all kinds of challenges for temporary alarm security, especially when moving premises or facilitating your daily work schedule from within a temporary commercial building.  If you own a building that requires temporary alarm security protection whilst it is empty, if your business is operating from a porta-cabin or if you require the support of temporary alarm security where the existing alarm has failed, then here at SGS Systems Ltd we provide an ‘off the shelf’ security solution to suit any of these kind of scenarios and one which will quickly secure a building by protecting stock and equipment and meet insurance requirements.

Our enforcer panels and wireless alarm systems are manufactured by Pyronix and only take approximately 4 hours to install, which is a quicker setup process than a standard wireless alarm.  Our Pyronix security system provides an excellent form of portability and can move from site to site depending on your work operations which will allow managed services to get up and running quickly.  Conforming to European Standards Accredited with EN50131 approved for any Grade 2 class environment, the device supports up to 64 wireless inputs, 4 arming stations, 32 key fobs and 2 wireless sirens.

Temporary alarm security is ideal for residential or small commercial applications, the Enforcer control panel is perfectly suited to:

  • domestic / residential,
  • retail
  • office
  • education
  • construction

Using any form of communication such as a wifi or telephone connection, the Pyronix security system can detect an intruder before they attempt to break in.  If an intruder enters the perimeter of a property, the outdoor XD detector, programmed as a switcher zone, will recognise this and immediately signal to the Enforcer control panel.

detect > communicate > verify > alert

In addition, the Enforcer control panel can signal to Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) for professionally monitored 24/7 security and can be controlled and monitored remotely by appointed users with the easy-to-use ProControl+ smartphone app which allows them to set, unset and receive voice push notifications.

For further temporary alarm security information and installation enquires of the Pyronix security system or if you would like to discuss any other security options including CCTV security which could suit your temporary commercial premises then please do not hesitate to contact our commercial security installations team at SGS Systems Ltd for a confidential property security review of your organisation.