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Wealthy Home Owners – What Types Of Security Methods Should You Use?

As wealthy home owners our desire for protecting our property continues to rise even though crime has broadly reduced over the past two decades across the western world. Gating our prize fortress, adding an intercom and CCTV surveillance are just some of the security options we prefer whilst increasing our protection with sophisticated alarm systems, entrusts that we will feel completely safe.

So as wealthy home owner's, what steps should you take to protect yourselves, your family and your property?

Keeping Wealthy Home Owners Safe!

  1. Do not receive packages to your property. This will prevent strangers turning up un-announced. Instead have them delivered to your office or the post office under a PO Box number.

  2. Only employ tradesman and groundsman from reputable companies who can sign a disclosure that all their staff are vetted to the highest standard.

  3. Don’t disclose too much about your life through social media and other sources.

  4. Use different routes to work – don’t travel the same way every day.

  5. Have an intercom system installed at your home so that you don’t need to answer the door and only meet by appointment.

Securing your premises with Mansion security or Stately Home security by SGS Systems is the ultimate property security method to ensuring that your property is safe. We use smoke security alarm detection which is installed in main footfall areas of the home such as landings, corridors and hallways. The effective smoke security system will trigger dense thick fog within seconds of intruder detection and as our most efficient method of security has been tried and tested within commercial premises for several years.

Together with our wired and wireless house burglar alarm systems which will interact with specific areas of a property and our CCTV monitoring systems to offer internal and external surveillance throughout property grounds and garages, our company ensures that your property is protected at all levels and throughout all areas.

For further information on wealthy home security and to apply for a confidential review, please contact our property secuirty team at SGS Systems Ltd.

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