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West Midlands Home Security – Changing the Locks

So, when you moved into your beloved new West Midlands home, did you change the locks?

In a recent research report conducted by Oceon Finance, astonishingly 60% of people don’t change their locks when they move into a new property, with 70% of us giving a spare set of keys to a non-family member and 17% of us giving an extra set of keys to a neighbour.

We should never trust the fact that the owners before us or even estate agents and letting agents who have had access to our West Midlands property, haven’t collected up all the key sets and so worryingly this means that as a nation, we don’t actually know who may have keys to our house!

It doesn’t just stop with home owners, but also rentals as well. In rental properties tenants come and go regularly and keys are passed around quite freely between occupants, whilst again not knowing who has access before. As a tenant, you are within your right to change the locks but will need to check your contract to comply, if you need to give a set of keys to the landlord or agent. The report added that, “just one in three tenants surveyed, changed the locks when they started their rental agreement”.

So how can we be sure that our West Midlands Home Security is covered?

Well the immediate answer is to change the locks as soon as you move into the new property. As a home owner with West Midlands home security, ‘our home is our castle’ and so with a fresh lock and new keys, we can take responsibility for knowing exactly who has access to our property, giving peace of mind that our wellbeing and possessions are safe.

Secondly have an SGS Systems Alarm fitted. Whether it’s a wired or wireless burglar alarm and / or together with a CCTV monitoring system, we assist home owners and tenant occupants to thoroughly protect their West Midlands Home Security on a day to day basis. To find out more, please contact our West Midlands Home Security team on:  01902 700687 or email:


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