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West Midlands Security & staying safe in 2017

west midlands securityAs West Midlands Security continues to be at the forefront of our agenda, here at SGS Systems we thought that we would begin January 2017, by showcasing West Midlands Security in terms of how the West Midlands Police operate in conjunction with local communities and how us as home owners can protect our property, streets and the community we live in, so that we all may stay safer throughout the coming year.

Police establishments across the UK regularly promote awareness by asking the public to be vigilant and take necessary care to secure properties and improve communities. So how can we get involved to protect ourselves and our neighbourhoods with West Midlands Security?

West Midlands Security – Staying Safe Schemes

The West Midlands Police run several schemes across the region which involve individuals and communities to improve areas and create safer places, these include:

Street Watch – Currently operating in Birmingham and Solihull areas, volunteer group street patrols are managed by a group leader to provide “advice, guidance and support in consultation with the local police” and can report incidents but not get involved. Volunteers are trained and asked to attend regular update meetings. They must patrol in pairs and carry mobile phones at all times.

Street Pastors – These schemes are run in conjunction with local church’s and are offered on a regional basis to cities, towns and villages for the purpose of caring for neighbourhood’s where issues could arise. With a staggering 2500 volunteers now operating in over 100 locations across the UK, street pastors are on hand to help people in vulnerable situations and often work late into the night and over weekends.

Neighbourhood Watch – Through the scheme, neighbours and communities come together to make areas “a safe and pleasant place to live” and have close and regular contact with dedicated police members to protect their street or group. Currently operating throughout Wolverhampton is Pub Watch, Horse Watch and Business Watch; whilst Neighbourhood Watch is the most common scheme used by individual streets and areas. Individual communities know what’s best for their areas and so this scheme allows voluntary representatives to report back to the police on behalf of their group as to where improvements could be made or if they have any concerning issues.

For more information on West Midlands Security or if you have a property or area which you are looking to advance in security protection, then why not speak to our West Midlands Security team? With over 25 years’ experience in House Burglar Alarm and CCTV Security installation for Wolverhampton, West Midlands and operating across the UK, we provide scalable security solutions to suit individual homeowners up to expansive commercial properties.

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